The Wrath of the Righteous

Beautiful Homecoming

Beautiful Homecoming

The Demon’s Heresy V

Jerribeth entered the room.

The jig was up and the battle started. Jerribeth had brought with her two hulking bodyguards and a women who appeared to be some sort of hand maiden, but had more of the look of a sorcerer. Lucius and Lathander also warned of an Invisible creature lurking in the back. Jerribeth starts off by trying to control Artemis. With an extra bit of power he shrugged off the attempt.

I dropped my disguise and confronted my step father. Enjoyed the look on his face as he realized what was happening. Opened the fight with a mythic order’s wrath to delay Jerribeth and her three minions. It also had the added bonus of nearly killing my step father and knocking the fat bastard out of his chair. Guards near the door raised the alarm and the closest one charges to his death. Except as he charged he turned into an Osyluth, bone devil to the common layman, which is somewhat surprising given the fact that my step father was a pit spawned demon worshiper. Either way the Osyluth was nothing more than a minor inconvenience and it created a wall of ice around my step father locking him into his study and taking him out of the fight.

Unfortunately, at this time Jerribeth also decided to drop her disguise and she was a hideously huge demon of the worst sort. She proved to be ferocious, cunning and incredibly fast similar to other powerful demons we encountered in the past. Her The battle raged with Renli and Lucius charging Jerribeth and her cohorts. While my initial spell held her for a moment she shrugged it off quicker than the others. Fortunately, Lucius and Renli were able to keep her detained, while Lathandar and Artemis pounded her cohorts. Lucius and Renli were struggling to wound the beast and knowing they could not do it without me I blessed our actions. I suppose Artemis also helped by instructing them where to strike the demon.

Lucius proved especially effective landing devastating blow after devastating blow. It quickly became apparent however that her handmaiden, while dazed, was somehow magically taking part of her wounds. Renli and Lucius did not let this deter them as they continued to lay into them. Artemis joined the onslaught and concerned she would flee, I wisely anchored her essence to our dimension. It was with a mighty blow from Renli that the demon finally fell, but not before being healed three times. The demonic bitch not only drained the life from her handmaiden, and the invisible beast, but also had a spell set to go off.

With Jerribeth dying on the floor of my step fathers dinning hall the Osyluth teleported itself past the ice wall. One of the guards escaped the hall and ran into several other guards. Not wanting to leave any witnesses Artemis fired an arrow killing all six men and narrowly missing my head. Raising an eyebrow at Artemis I walked up to the wall and with a mighty blow shattered a large section of ice. On the other side I found the Osyluth standing in front of my step father. Not wanting my father to escape as I had plans for him, I called out to the Dark Prince to summon back his creature from my Baphomet worshiping step father. With rush of rage at Baphomet’s name the Osyluth was gone and my step father was left before me a cowering mess on the floor. All was right in the world.

With a smile and a sneer…"Now that was a proper home welcoming wouldn’t you say father."

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