The Wrath of the Righteous

Corruption of Lucius: Death of an Angel

Corruption of Lucius: Death of an Angel

The Demon’s Heresy V

I found the sliding sword trap a nuisance so I promptly sealed the stone around the blade locking the trap. Unfortunately the stairway stopped at a portcullis firmly locked in place. I stepped aside allowing Lucius to move forward to try and open the gate, but he failed. We tried to determine away to open the gate and a marsh giant stepped around the corner in front of the gate. With a hideously barbed polearm he stabbed through the gate at Lucius. I attempted to calm the giant in order to give Lucius more time to open the gate. Like Lucius’s attempt at the gate this too failed. Lucius yelled at the giant and attempted to lite it on fire failing that as well. Lucius’s shout caused someone to pop his head around the giant from behind. It was only a quick glance, but Lucius saw an Inquisitor from Kenabres with his mouth sewn shut. Artie tired of waiting started to put arrows in the giants chest.

We eventually take the beast down and go back to confronting the gate when the, not one but two, Kenabres soldiers shoot at us. After those shot they moved aside and two more popped out and shot again. Lucius raged at the gate and with Artie’s help they were able to lift the gate. The gate opened which set off another trap. All the severed limbs moved to grapple us. I easily shook them off and moved forward while also helping Artie shake them off. Lucius drops the gate leaving me to open the gate for Artie. Artie killed two of the soldiers and the other two fled. Lucius rounds the corner and confronted by ten men.

Lucius discovered that the men all appeared to be former soldiers who committed suicide and their souls were taken by Sifkesh to serve her. We started to slay them and an angel appeared to us with two soldiers who belonged to the order of the sentinels. She begged us, her children, to stop. The male angelic creature was beautiful and perfect all but for the mark of shadow behind him. Lucius with his site peered into the darkness and saw that the angel had another creature fused to its form. He concluded the creature was Shachath and screamed his defiance to the demon slaughtering the soldiers around him. Artie came and was unsure of what to make of the angel so he started shooting at the soldiers. Lucius killed the two guards and the Shachath banished Artie…or not!! Artie explodes back into the plane saying I’ll leave when I want to leave bitch. Lucius and Artie proceeded to rip the creature apart.

Once done a face appeared in the wall and asked us to stop. This was none other than the hag with the butterfly. She tries to barter with us and convince us not to kill her. As we spoke the souls of the men we killed moved up to the soul stream, all but four which turned to attack us as spectral undead. The soul of an inquisitor told Lucius to find his body and perform burial rights on him, with that he cursed Lucius. We then slaughtered their souls again.

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