The Wrath of the Righteous

Forged by The Fire of Heaven

Forged by the Fire of Heaven

The Sword of Valor Session XXII & XXIII
9/26/15 & 9/27/15

  • We encounter, “Seventh” a black armored knight with a gold bulls mask. He is covered in gore and riding a nightmare.
    Told us the age of man was over. We being of more than mortal power have a choice, it would suck if we were “wasted.”

  • Showed us vision of our future glories if we sided with him. And turned over the “emperial.”
    Saw vision of myself leading a great host in war. I was filled with righteous anger, and my enemies were destroyed before me. I brought down the walls of heaven, a crimson 1 burning on my mask.

  • Told Seventh to go fuck himself. He responded with a massive conflagration of fire black as night.
    At that moment a spectral angel appeared before me, embraced me, his wings a shield from the flame. When the flames finally died down, the angels likewise were gone.

  • The Statue of Chernobyl animated and attacked, we broke it, swiftly.

  • We explored the rest of the floor. Finding the “lords” chambers and a stairwell down.

  • Taking the stairs downwards, we entered a pocket of the worldwound, where the abyss was very close, perhaps even overlayed with the material plain.
    Horrible whispers nagged and teased us from the shadows, maddening and incomprehensible.

  • In the catacombs below we encountered some undead and the keep’s master torturer. Slain
    Passing through the jail cells, we found a cell where the residue of a powerful aura lingered. The cell was covered in drawings of butterflies.

  • Deeper into the catacombs we discovered a lift, leading down into a large forge, where a group of duergar were making their foul creations.
    We tried to catch them off-guard by pretending to be their allies/supperiors to gain purchase of the lift.
    Many of the duergar go invisible. Their leader, the brother of Vhane, and a foul cleric of Droskar, heads to the forges, to unleash the Fire Elementals enslaved within.

  • With Aldricks Fog and Artemis’s arrows, the dwarves are slain in short order.

  • The hallway beyond was trapped with poisonous fog, and we were set upon by more grimsnakes. We put them down, but as before, they proved to be dangerous foes. We carried on injured and running out of steam.

  • This hallway was filled with images of religious blasphemy to all the gods of Avistan. The images assaulted our minds with despair, but proved no match for our mettle.

  • We enter a round chamber, dominated by a massive pit filled with the corpses of 50 years worth of ritual sacrifices. Accross a rope bridge lies a raised platform, upon which the Sword of Valor, covered in blood and filth rests.
    As we enter the room, we feel the effects of the Rasping Rifts grow stronger, and our connections with our divine sources grow weak and distant.

  • Before the altar before us, is Captain Edoras and several crusaders.
    Behind him, is a nude women, casting some sort of chanting ritual. Maggots poured out of her eyes and mouth. She was invisible to all other eyes.

  • Captain Edoras rages at us, claiming we betrayed the cause, and now he has to put us down.
    Momentarily I try to remove him from my path and carry on to the banner. But he proved “difficult” I matched his anger with my own, As I raged at his weak mind, and lack of faith of devotion to the cause. I was not going to allow this shitty broken paladin to prevent us from doing our duty. So I cut him down.

  • Nearly down for the count, he cut the rope on one side of the bridge, dropping himself into the pit. I catch the other rope, and shimy across.
    Meanwhile Aldrick and Artemis engage the traitor Crusaders, revealed to be more Insubordination demons.

  • Aldrick casts invisibility purge, revealing the Deskarian ritualist in all her naked glory. Artemis turns her into a new quiver.

  • As we lay claim to the banner, a shadow rises. The Shadow demon who plagued us in Kenabres, who lead Liotr astray, and now Edoras. Thankfully we had prepared ourselves against possession.
    Unable to gain purchase the demon fled.

  • We were to late, the banner had been destroyed, now little more than stained nonmagical cloth.

  • In failure, we activate our “teleportation” box to return home. But breaking our expectation, the trinket instead summons a messenger Archon, a ball of light
  • .
  • The Messenger informed us that the forces of Heaven new the banner had been destroyed, before our quest began, that from the very beginning this quest was doomed for failure.

  • I get pissed off, many good men died for this chance, men whose lives could have been better spent in a battle that wasn’t pointless. We are now perhaps the last best hope for mankind, and our efforts have been spent for nothing.

  • The Archon tells us the mission never had anything to do with the banner. It was a test of our devotion, and our commitment. The Concordance had decided that only with such a test could we be trusted to bear this “mythic power” and be the new hope for mankind.

  • The Archon then presented us with a new Sword of Valor. Which he informed us was far simpler in application than legends would have seem. The banner is simply a focus for the faith and belief of those who fought under it. The original banner had failed, not because of any action of the enemy, but because we, the forces of the crusade, had lost hope, and accepted our stagnant decline.

  • He then informed us that at this very moment the forces of Aponavicious were assaulting the capital of Nerosyan. That against such a force, the city could not hold. But it had not yet fallen. That if we were willing to agree to this burden, to carry the hope and faith of man on our backs, into the darkness, against all odds, then there was still time.

  • He teleports us to the ramparts. Queen Galfrey and her inner circle had just lead a ‘last stand" charge out the gates, and had engaged Aponavicous in single combat. While her personal battle waged, all around us, men were falling, the innumerable forces of chaos swallowing the walls like the tide.

  • The Sword of Valor was raised anew. The forces of man would not go quietly into the night! No this would be a new dawn! As light peeled down from heaven, illuminating the banner, the cries of despair and loss gave way to a new cry, a cry of disbelief, a cry of courage, a cry of hope.

  • Nerosyan would not fall on this day! We joined the fight, and though we slayed many demons, it was the hope and steel of our brothers who held the walls, who delivered a crippling blow to Aponavicous’s great horde.

  • Galfrey, finding new strength and momentum at her back, defeats the Marilith. Though Aponavicous fled, coward that she is, rather than face the justice she so rightfully deserves.

  • We are victorious!



Iophanate, angel size of wagon wheel, disc of light

Forged by The Fire of Heaven

statue of aponavicious, purple crystal.

Forged by The Fire of Heaven
Bondoid CoreyLynch

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