The Wrath of the Righteous

The Betrayal's Truth

The Betrayal’s Truth

The Worldwound Incursion Session XVI

The basement of Grey Garrison

The Storm Father be my strength. This horrid place does unhinge a person. I know not if my people have been subjected to the rumored horrible tortures of this place but it makes me no less please to need to be in this building. Entry to this building was made easily enough. I expected a “garrison” to be hard to penetrate. I suppose the demon spawn did not think anything could survive their attacks. I enjoyed showing them what crossing blades with a true warrior means. They barely stood long enough to bare their teeth.

As we continue to fight our way through the basement of this place, we are assaulted by what the others refer to as “vessels”. It is some sort of demon-born infestation of what once was a person. The horrid creatures are unwise to fight in close quarters and I decided to let others handle the last of them while I try to find the vault, the reason we are in the basement to begin with. And find it I do.

I signal to the others that we have found it but I know not how to open it. I would think Lucious would have such knowledge. Apparently we need a key. While we are sorting this out, Lath is trying to free some of the prisoners that we have found. “What will we do with these broken people should we free them all? They are safer behind closed doors for now. Lathander, pull yourself together. We have a task at hand!”

More demons, some sort of demented rat, descend from the upper level and are dealt with quickly by my mighty hammer and my half-kin’s equally powerful bow. I allow one to land a successful blow to draw it in closer and then destroy it without delay. We finish searching the basement, discovering no key and through our combined efforts, no way to get the vault unlocked. In addition, it appears to have some magic upon it. Lath just can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble, the poor fool.

Aldrick prays to his devil god and is able to figure out where Liotr and the key are located. We return to the main floor of the building seeking the former ally who has no doubt turned to the chaos. He must pay for aiding the enemy and disturbing the balance. We find him in the company of 4 demons that have found hosts in soliders bodies. This abomination cannot stand. Liotr can wait. I wade in to battle with these hideous creatures in what was once a holy place to the goddess Iomedea. And what is that sound?!? The hideous…droning…. Gah!… It tries to unmake a man but I fight it off.

Lucious goes mad with rage, screaming about treachery and he seems even more enraged than usual. Seems impossible. The pit born is always angry. His anger seems to turn to strength as he charges in and takes a mighty slash at Liotr. They exchange blows as the vremlicks surround me. Finally, a fair fight. Well, almost… I retaliate immediately, making a puddle of one and my blow carries into another doing great damage. This strange creature escapes its host’s body revealing it to be some sort of snake thing. And its bloody wounds are healing. Damn! We fight on.

Lathander aids me with some healing magics as I fight on and we destroy the vremlicks in short order. Lucious and Liotr continue to scream brutality and hatred at eachother, trading mighty blows. So these were once good friends and allies? Strange company the pit-born keeps. A small wonder that he is always angry and has no trust. A Lucious lands on final, mighty blow he downs his opponent and suddenly a dark angel-like figure rises out of his body. It seems this demon inhabited Liotr and turned him against his once-pledged cause. The strange noise assaults me still. We identify the source as some strange, unholy thing made of body parts and vermin. Once we are able to destroy it, the noise ceases, thank the old gods.

We take a moment to search the room and are able to find some sort of hidden room behind this room. There is a basin within that seems to heal any who drink from it. From all appearances, this place is totally unmolested by the chaos. There are also weapons and armor that we collect in haste. We need to be done with this task quickly before the demons have a chance to molest the ward stone further.

Lucious retrieves the key from Liotr’s body and we return to the vault with Lucious opening it. I am one of the few able to enter along with Lucious. We begin our search for what Lucious describes as a rod. One rod in a room full of relics? Very well. As I search, I discover a box marked “Sarkorian relics”. I decide this may be worth my time. I remove it from its shelf and pry the box open, digging through various relics of my people. Stolen relics! Lucious scolds me, telling me that it is the churches property. Burn him! His church has been as much a scourge to my people as the demons these many years and the blood of my people has been spilled as often as any in the war against the siege of chaos. I am able to find a suit of fine leathers which I stow in my pack.

Lucious finds the rod with need. We gather together and head to the upper level of the building where we suspect the ward stone is being hidden. We make a quick check to clear the first level and then head up the stairs. Artie opens the door and… BOOM!!!



Bondoid CoreyLynch

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