The Wrath of the Righteous

This Place Crawls

This Place Crawls

The Sword of Valor Session XIV

· Lath makes acid flasks
· Lucius, Artie exploring large tunnel
· Climb up, stretches forward then ‘ends’
· Cautiously move in, Lucius feels ground rumble
· Massive scorpion erupts from ground, lashes out at both
· Clamps down claw hard on Artie
· Cries of battle heard in camp
· Artie breaks out of grasp, falls back
· Lucius withdraws
· Aldrick departs Edoras’s tent, starts moving
· Renli takes off running all out
· Lath drinks potion, starts going
· Scorpion squeezes down, crawls forward into tunnel, attacks Lucius, wounding
· Lucius & Artie repel down from cave
· Renli comes around corner, still running
· Scorpion pounces down on Artie and Lucius, stabbing Artie with stinger
· Artie tries to retreat, gets cut down by scorpion
· Lucius steps up to confront
· Renli charges in, jumping with Radiance cleaving into the beast
· Lath tosses bomb, burning beast
· Scorpion lashes out with claw, stinger at Renli, grievously wounding; misses Lucius
· Aldrick heals Artie meanly (step on chest)
· Renli cleaves into again with Radiance, deep wound
· Lath heals artie
· Scorpion attacks, wounds Lucius, Renli
· Artie rises, gets stabbed by scorpion’s stinger, poisoned; drinks potion of bull’s strength
· Lucius steps around scorpion
· Aldrick summons infernal mace to strike creature, wounds
· Renli breaks out of claw, strikes with Radiance
· Lath bombs scorpion while tossing potion to Artie
· Scorpion misses everyone
· Artie shoots with bow
· Lucius ???
· Aldrick’s infernal mace hits again
· Renli strikes again
· Lath shoots crossbow, bolt skips off
· Heavily wounded, scorpion flees, Renli wounds again
· Artie, vengeful, unleashes a barrage of arrows, killing it
· Lath tries to loot corpse, recovers stinger & poison
· Guards come up, help bring scorpion back to camp for food (not tainted)
· Climb up into tunnel, find scorpion pit, with hole going straight down
· Renli loops rope around hips, drops sunrod down, draws Radiance, “lower me”
· Descends into cavern below; large natural space, several of the ‘scout’ ants milling about
· Rest of party descends behind, start following ants
· Ants are traveling toward our camp
· Aldrick torches a bunch with Soundburst, wounding and stunning
· Soldier ant bites Renli, tries to grapple but fails
· Lucius, Renli, Aldrick all attack drone ants closing on them
· Lath attacked by several drones, wounded
· Renli beheads and smashes soldier ant
· Aldrick lends aid to Artie to escape
· Artie shoots ants, killing soldier
· Lath drops bomb on ants at feet, boom
· Aldrick ensorcels ants, inflicting pain
· Ants attack, Artie and Lucius grappled
· Renli slaughters soldier holding Lucius
· Lucius identifies source of decay
· Artie kills more ants
· Lath bombs ant swarms
· Aldrick ‘blesses’ allies
· Ant swarms surge over us, wounding all
· Renli kills more ants
· Lucius destructive smites ants
· Artie shoots soldier and drone
· Lath bombs more ants
· Aldrick uses Soundburst again on ants, ‘accidentally’ hit Lucius & Renli
· Ants twitching & stunned, couple drones grapple Lath
· Renli pulls out acid flask, toasts swarm at feet
· Lucius steps up, kills another drone, searching for source
· Artie attack
· Lath tries wand burning hands, fails
· Aldrick attack
· Ants Soldiers abruptly turn and retreat en masse; drones keep attacking
· Renli smashes another soldier with shield
· Lucius attack
· Artie
· Lath tries wand burning hands, fails
· Aldrick acid flask to swarm
· Ants continue to withdraw
· Renli runs down tunnel
· Lucius runs down tunnel to massive swarm chamber
· Artie finishes off last swarm, heads down tunnel
· Lath heads down tunnel
· Aldrick
· Ant patrol comes down hall, strange ant with ‘gas chamber’, sprays Artie, gets attacked; Lucius overwhelmed by massive ant swarm
· Renli throws acid at mega-swarm
· Lucius got keg of gunpowder
· Artie shoots bunch of ants, kills gas ant
· Lath tries to activate wand of burning hands, fails
· Aldrick delays
· Ants: megaswarm floods down hall; train of drones surrounds Artie
· Renli delay
· Lucius cracks open gunpowder jug, dumps and tosses down hall
· Artie shoots more ant drones
· Lath tosses gunpowder further down hall
· Aldrick steps out of swarm, torches gunpowder
· BOOM!!!!! Renli and Lath consumed in middle of inferno
· Ants close on Artie
· Renli runs back for Artie, killing two drones; think some kind of scent was being followed by drones; if could disrupt could stop channel
· Lucius moves toward large chamber “I hear wings”
· Artie shoots more ants
· Lath drinks antitoxin, moves toward grand chamber
· Aldrick seals feeder tunnel with stone shape
· Ants drones surge forward at Artie, grappling; Aldrick lends blessing to escape, Artie escapes
· Renli continues back for Artie, killing more ants
· Lucius looks down into grand chamber
· Artie kills more ants, almost free
· Lath throws sunrod down into grand chamber
· Aldrick dowses Artie in water (magical), ants wander away
· Ants crunch sunrod
· Renli heads back toward group, grand chamber
· Lucius move
· Artie move
· Lath move
· Aldrick move
· Ants
· Renli moves up
· Lucius descends into grand chamber, scrambling down difficultly
· Artie bounces down hill, spots mass of ants: winged wasps, queen, soldiers, etc; rift/portal haziness at back of chamber



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