The Wrath of the Righteous

There Be Ants in my Armor!

There Be Ants in my Armor!

The Sword of Valor Session XIII

- Aftermath of the battle with the Summoner and Incubus and horned demon
- found Anievia and saved her from a demon ritual
- move back through the town to the army
- Renli mounts the head of the demon on a long spear
- Lucious calls out a mighty battle cry against the Sarkorian army battling our men and they scatter, their spirits broken
- Lucious and Aldrick find a letter from Vain to the Summoner chief indicating he was in charge of them
- Aldrick placed the head of the chief in Nora’s (god-caller) tent and cast a spell on it so that it emitted a hellish light
- Nora tells me in confidence that the Stormfather demands vengeance and I agree he shall have it
- a storm comes in the evening, though it seems to be a calm storm
- Starts raining, but it is raining blood
- Blood rain is an ill omen => the Stormfather bleeds
- On the watch at night, something tampers with the water barrels
- Animal paw prints are found heading into the ruins of the town
- Next morning, troops are gathered at the ruins of a shrine to a local saint, saint Susan
- Renli offers an inspiring speech, filling all with courage
- The army moves on toward Dresen
- Now moving into the canyon which used to be a mighty river
- In the canyon, Milo and Teer scout ahead
- Discover the skeleton of a massive linnorm (dragon type creature; primitive dragon with no wings)
- The captain decides that this skeleton offers some shelter and a defensible position. Camp is made within it.
- I scout ahead further climbing up the canyon wall to cover more ground along our route
- Large borrows exist along the canyon walls not far from camp
- Could be unusual sized vermin
- At night, multiple ant swarms and over sized ants as big as dogs attack the camp
- We take some losses as men are dragged off but we manage to beat them back
- They took some of our food stores and it is decided that as we are food, they will likely be back in numbers
- We must kill the queen



An Oracle, an Inquisitor, an Alchemist, and a Ranger Walk Into a Bar

An Oracle, an Inquisitor, an Alchemist, and a Ranger Walk Into a Bar

The Demon’s Heresy Session III & IV
3/20/16 & 3/25/16

Hope. Folly perhaps, but we won a significant victory when we recovered the Sword of Valor. And our handling of the sudden appearance of the Woundwyrm at the ceremony left us feeling confident in our abilities, but a little concerned about the ease with which the enemy infiltrated our supposed stronghold. But our new mission is a clear sign of Hope. An alliance with a dangerous yet powerful leader would change the balance some, and put the crusade back on the offensive, instead of constantly reacting to Demonic incursion. We could take the fight to the Demons. Hope indeed, however tenuous it is.

We head to see the scoutmaster, Generla Guy “Eagle” Bluford – he will give us what information he has on the potential location of our… target – the Mammoth Lord Karringor Half-Face. Word has it the General earned his rank the hard way, working his way up the ranks from that of an enlisted commoner. Now into his 50s, he sports a thick grey mustache and still wears his dusty, old traveler’s hat from his days as a field scout. Rarely seen without his pipe, Guy speaks with a slow, exacting gait, taking his time to think through each question and his response. He has seen a lot in his time and his eyes tell of a man who still sees everything – something I am most familiar with.

He wastes no time and gets down to business. How best to get there? Going around the Wound would take too long. Cutting across the Wound through the Sarkorian Steppes would be quicker, but would still take too much time. Magic teleportation would seem the quickest, but the magic of the Wound would serve to distort our destination possibly sending us hundreds of miles off course. It seems there is no good option, but General Bluford offers a risky proposition – something he speaks of from experience.

The earlier crusades made use of Rifts – demiplanes between the Abyss and our world – to travel and redeploy quickly. It has been some time since they were utilized and those who knew how to navigate and still survive are a rare commodity these days. He knows of a man named Beltran Ravenkin, who his sources have spotted living in the Sarkorian city of Gundrun in the southern Worldwound – not too far to our Northwest. The man lost his wife Bonnie during one of the crusades and has stayed there since. If we could convince him, he would be the best chance to reach the Mammoth Lord quickly while using the rifts

So with little choice, we agree to seek out Beltran. The General instructs us to provision ourselves and our mounts, then meet him at mid-day and he would expedite our journey to Gundrun. When we return, he leads us to a nearby stone. On the way he explains that Gundrun still has some value to the crusades in the flow of information. The crusaders agree to let it be, to not harass the Sarkorians and in exchange the receive intelligence on the movement of Demonic forces. Once we reach the stone he instructs us to each place a hand on it, and we are instantly transported to a new location.

We are still touching a stone, not the same one but one nearly identical, and find ourselves in the forest. Taking a moment to catch our bearings, we find ourselves in a gnarly forest. I notice the remnants of several overgrown trails leading away from the stone, but one that is more regularly traveled, heading off to the Northwest. I reason this is the path we should take, and the rest agree. We lead the horses until we clear the forest then mount up with Gundrun visible on the horizon.

It evening when we arrive in town. The place is pretty run down, clearly suffering from years in the Wound. We spot the lone inn and tavern in town, and head toward the neighboring stable. Entering, there is nobody inside – no attendant. So we stable our own horses and head for the inn. The tavern level is busy, being dinnertime, a loud bustling Sarkorian tavern with music off to our left side. The tavern is shaped like an “L” with the bar just across from the entrance.

Entering I quickly scan the crowd – musicians to the left, several tables full of eating Sarkorians, a pair of curious figures to the right of the bar and a single cloaked figure with his head down in the back corner and a tankard in front of him. That would likely be our man, drowned in the sorrows of his loss. The Barkeep spies us, a man with one arm, and I move toward the bar and ask for an ale and what’s on the menu for dinner. He deftly handles the tankard and keg with his remaining arm, and mentions it sounds like they’ll be having a horse meat special. I ignore the comment and start a conversation that is quickly overcome by my companions ideas on how to handle this situation… much to displeasure.

Lucius is next, he had taken slightly more time to observe the room – relying on his Inquisitorial powers to survey the room. As he approaches and orders a drink he subtly signals to keep an eye on the pair of curious figures. I acknowledge and notice Lathander drink something from one of his custom vials, then he follows in – brazenly asking for the strongest drink and claiming he’ll drink anyone there under the table. This sees the crowd quiet slightly as his display and draws a raised eyebrow from the barkeep, but before they can react further in walks Aldrick.

I don’t know if I’ve ever really described Aldrick in his full regalia. Lucius can command a room through intimidation, Renli through his words and deeds, but Aldrick relies on something more raw. He is fully adorned, far more than anyone in the room, and it is obvious to even the most unskilled and drunken eyes that this man is one who demands attention and respect, and is likely carrying a large purse. At least those who don’t know him think that… my respect only goes so far as his abilities and assistance are concerned. I take no regard for the lavishness of the Asmodean, but in this case… it seems to have caught the attention of the room.

The barkeep engages him quickly and politely, clearly trying to impress Aldrick into spending a fair amount of coin at his establishment. Aldrick quite easily plays the part… too easily… and begins to engage the barkeep back. In the course of conversation the horse meat comes up, and Aldrick strongly advises the barkeep that would not be a good idea. The barkeep is only slightly fazed, but agrees to keep our horses safe for the time being. But then he makes a mistake – in my opinion – asking for Beltran by name. It’s a shame, as this could have gone down quietly, but that was not to be…

The barkeep became adamant, denying the presence of Beltran. The tavern began to quiet again as the exchange continued, with Lucius adding a few choice words, but Aldrick had enough. He mutters a few words and suddenly the bar is turned into hell on earth. Great, never mind flaunting his religion, he actually has to bring us right into hell. The tavern is filled with shrieks and crys, fully terrified by Aldrick’s spell. The barkeep cowers, and Aldrick again demands to know where Beltran is. The barkeep gives him up, pointing to the lone robed figure. As if I had any doubt…

Aldrick tells the barkeep we will use the back room and that we are not to be disturbed. On the way we collect the unconscious Beltrain and Aldrick dismisses the spell as we leave the main tavern room, returning it to normal. I linger for a brief moment to see people returning to normal, then proceed into the room with the rest. Inside Aldrick is casting another spell, and suddenly Beltran wakes up – his head cleared of the drunken fog.

I take a position standing just inside the door which I leave open a crack, listening back across the hall as Aldrick and Lucius begin to… interrogate Beltran while Lathander checks his condition. Beltran is still hung up on his wife and is indeed drowning his sorrows. He tells us the tale of how his beloved Bonnie was lost during the crusades while rift-walking, likely stuck in the Abyss forever. Lucius and Aldrick realize we might be able to recover her, and Aldrick begins to broker a deal to get the man to help us. We would assist Beltran in finding his wife if he assisted us in getting to the Mammoth Lord. Beltran ponders for a while, insisting we find his wife first to keep leverage, but Aldrick eventually convinces him, pulling out a quill to draw up a contract in blood. At that point Beltran is convinced, knowing Aldrick’s faith will not allow him to break that contract.

As the conversation continues, a growing commotion catches my attention. I slip out of the room – apparently unbeknownst to my companions – and slide across the hall to the entrance to the tavern and peer in. One of the curious men from earlier is standing there on a table, inciting the crowd against the southerners. Aldrick’s error was becoming clear, as his arrogance was now starting to work against us. I take my bow out as the crowd is starting to get rowdy, shouting in agreement. As the man continued to a crescendo, he builds on the Sarkorian distrust of the southerners, and shouts “Remember the Red River!” As he does he turns enough so I can see his face. But it is not his face, it is a familiar bronze mask, and I can now see a pendant from his neck… with a symbol of Baphomet on it.

I did not hesitate, striking from my as-yet unknown position I loosed 5 arrows before anyone could react. But my aim is slightly off, and while they take down the man on the table it is not in the manner I desired. He lets out one last cry “Revenge the Red River!” as he topples off. The frenzied crowd surges in my direction, the other curious man – cultist of Baphomet – inciting them further to point of bloodlust. From behind me I hear the door open – the cries of the dying man and the roar of the crowd has alerted my companions to trouble. I manage to drop a half-breed from the surging mob as they approach, and then my companions move up as the mob reaches the doorway.

It is Lucius first, bellowing as usual, but this time effectively intimidating the entire mass with his burning judgment. As they began to cower Aldrick starts to chant, and a calm sweeps over them. Lathander throws a healing concoction to restore the health of some who had suffered under Lucius’ fire. Just as it feels the crowd has calmed and the situation was coming under control, the cultist pushes through the Sarkorian mob and breathes a green gas out of his nose which quickly spreads to cover several of us. Lucius is frozen in his tracks, as is a nearby tiefling.

I shift my fire to the cultist, and Lucius manages to free himself from his hold. He gets angry, slaughtering the frozen tiefling then stepping up and landing a blow on the cultist. After a firebomb from Lathander, the cultist begins to transform, turning into a Gorgon and trampling through our ranks. By now the rest of the mob had been shaken from its calm by the combat and surged, but their poorly aimed blows did little damage.

Fighting continues, some of the bar staff come around the back after us. We can’t quite get to the Gorgon, so Lucius and I start clearing the masses. Aldrick and Lathander manage to cast a spell and bomb the Gorgon. Lathander’s bomb finishes the job, but he also shouts “Revenge the Red River!” Damn, this will not end until we kill them all. The thinned masses surge in further, striking Aldrick. A barmaid surprises Lathander, shattering a beer mug over his head. Almost comical if not for the lethal nature of this combat.

We keep thinning the horde rapidly, killing most but knocking out a few. With a spell Aldrick finally reduces the number standing to one. Lathander steps toward the wounded Sarkorian, pleading with him to stop, to help him find those still living so he can begin healing them. The Sarkorian gives him a look, and almost in slow motion raises his earthbreaker and slams it down on Lathander’s head in a mighty blow. Lathander collapses to the ground in a heap as I drop the Sarkorian in a hail of arrows.

Aldrick rushes to Lathander’s side, checking for signs of life. After a brief moment he declares the man dead, turning and rising. But no sooner does Aldrick stand than does Lathander sit up – alive. Aldrick looks briefly shocked, but brushes it off quickly as Beltran catches all our attention, wailing in shock at the carnage that has ensued over the last few minutes. Aldrick calms him with a soothing word as I move to the door we first entered.

Night had fallen, but it was almost bright as daylight. Torches lighting an ever-growing crowd, and among them I can see more cultists, inciting them. There must be more than a hundred – and their ranks continue to swell. Some throw torches at the bar – enough to set it afire. I relay what I see to the rest of my companions. Aldrick moves alongside as Lucius guides Beltran upstairs to gather his things.

Aldrick shouts to the crowd, trying to pacify them, but it is no use. Even his devil-tongue can’t overcome the chants of the cultists. I had enough, and drop a few cultists. But instead of quelling the crowd a few young Sarkorians charge the door. Aldrick thinks quickly and causes a small tremor, knocking them to the ground. We hear a commotion from the back hall – where we had left Lathander. We head back, Aldrick sealing off the doorway with stone to cover our retreat.

While we were dealing with the crowd outside, Lathander had found some of the Sarkorians in the hall still had some life in them. He spent some time healing them, reviving a few – the Barkeep, his son and another grizzled Sarkorian. The Barkeep, on seeing his dead wife, began to lose it. The other Sarkorian grabs his axe, enraged. Lathander tried to talk him down, promising to revive her in the future.

At this point Lucius comes down the stairs, seeing this, and shouts down the old man. “Enough blood has been spilled this night!” But the man is unfazed. He pushes the young boy aside, calls on the protector of Gundrum and ceremoniously slits his throat. But his body does not fall, it remains standing as it pulses with demonic energy. It transforms into a beast demon, “I am Chaaor, and now you will die!”

I hit the doorway in time to see a bomb from Lathader land on the demon followed by Lucius exchanging blows with the demon – both landing solid strikes. I waste no time as I pump a full volley into the beast. It cries out it agony, demonic energy pulsing again then exploding out of its body as it collapses in a heap. Lathander is knocked down in the blast, as are the other two Sarkorians. Lathander quickly gets back up, but the Sarkorians are finished.

By now the building was beginning to come down around us. Our options were slim with the crowd growing outside. Beltran had the ability to magically teleport us to the stables for our horses. We quickly decide that is the best course of action. He grabs the contract of the back table, and in an instant we find ourselves there. Two young Sarkorians are freeing our horses right in front of us. They panic and run out the stables, leaving the barn door wide open for all outside to see. Beltran suggests an alternative, and again we quickly agree. We teleport again, away from the crowd halfway across town.

Beltran leads us through some alleys to a ruined area of town. The din of the crowd dies off in the distance, but we can still occasionally seen the glow of the fire. We soon come to a dry riverbed with an island across the way – ruins of a massive estate eerily visible. Beltran is confident the townsfolk won’t cross the river – they are afraid of what is on the island. He indicates that is our destination though, and it is the house of the founding clan of Gundrum, Clan Riversoar. We cross the riverbed and approach the ruins, hopeful for a place to recover but not yet sure we’ve found it…


The Fall of Staunton Vhane

The Fall of Staunton Vhane

The Sword of Valor Session XXI

-With Konneshka dispatched we pause briefly to regroup and heal.
-We return to through the receiving court and notice a half-lowered portcullis
-Deciding it is best to cut off reinforcements from the outside we go in search of the mechanism.
-We try one side of the entrance finding four tiefling cultists, quickly dispatching them with a flurry of my arrows and a single blow from Renli, but there was no mechanism to be found.
-We find a few notable items including a magical arrow, the head to the other side of the entrance
-Opening the door reveals a Sarkorian giant and an Owlbear, along with the mechanism we seek.
-The giant is surprised to see us but the Owlbear shrieks and charges clawing Renli
-Lucius, Artie and Renli all strike back landing solid blows
-The owlbear strikes back landing another blow on Renli
-Lucius dispatches the owlbear and the giant roars, clearly enraged at the death of his pet
-Renli moves in and strikes the giant
-Artie moves in and lands an arrow, but slips into a hidden pit covered by illusionary rubble, landing on spikes coated in poison (passes save)
-Aldrick suggests the giant get me out of the pit, but the giant can’t see through the illusion
-Artie tries to climb out but fails, falling back in
-The giant sees through the illusion but can’t reach Artie
-The rest of the group repositions
-Artie attempts to climb out again, starting up but scraping himself on the spikes, causing him to lose his grip and slide back down.
-The giant reaches his club down waving around for Artie
-Lucius drops a rope down, and the giant gets mad, yelling at Lucius that he will get Artie out of the hole
-Artie grabs hold of the giant’s club
-The giant pulls Artie out and grabs him with his other hand, then places Arty on the ground, while simultaneously lifting his club
-As he does, the rest of the group collectively attempts to shove the giant into the hole and succeeds
-Artie steps up to the pit and peppers the giant with arrows but they all bounce off his armor
-The giant stands up and begins to climb
-Aldrick drops the portcullis
-Lucius switches to his crossbow
-Renli repositions
-Artie hits with two arrows
-The giant climbs out and Renli slashes him as he stands
-Aldrick repositions
-Lucius finishes the giant off and he falls back into the pit
-We take a quick look around the room and finding nothing of note we bend the portcullis mechanism then press onward
-The near door had a relief of Iomadae that had been defiled with the unmistakable sounds of an orgy behind it. We figure this is the chapel
-We can also hear women wailing and sobbing coming from back in the officer’s court
-We discuss briefly and decide to enter the chapel, Lucius kicks in the door
-A chapel indeed with a statue of an armored woman and tapestries on the dias, and a tapestry of the armored woman kneeling before a man in green robes.
-Three men are engaged with a woman on the dias, a fit muscular woman with brown hair who appears to be a spitting image of Iomadae. The men appear familiar to us, possibly from our army.
-Tapestry on the far wall appears to be Iomadae kneeling in front of Aeroden before her ascension.
-Arty moves in and feels the urge to join the orgy but shakes it off, the rest of the party follows suit.
-Arty gets closer and gets dominated, told to keep the others from interrupting her ritual
-Lucius and Aldrick cast spells to help suppress Artie’s domination
-Renli moves up and attacks, landing a blow
-Arty says a quick word of thanks, then shouts “I think not Bitch” and slams three arrows into her, killing her. She was a succubus
-The three men cry out and flail at Renli
-The group knocks out the men, and we search the altar and tapestries
-We find a open secret passage behind the tapestry in the back and proceed down the hall
-We come to a room and Renli finds another secret passage with assistance from Radiance.
-Four statues in full plate flank the room, one at the end has a banner pole with no banner. An alabaster altar sits in the middle with a bowl of water and a cup next to it. Lucius detects the altar as overwhelmingly good.
-Renli approaches the altar, hears a voice in his head “Do not be afraid to drink” and so he does. We all follow suit and are healed and refreshed.
-Upon closer inspection the statue is of queen Galfrey bearing the banner.
-The other location to look for the banner was off the officer’s court,so we head back in that direction
-Upon entering the receiving court we are confronted by a host of cultists, 5 harpies, a bulky female tiefling and Staunton Vhane.
-Vhane gives a speech about the inevitability of the Abyss consuming the worldk, and offers to spare us if we join him, his soldiers stand by at the ready with bows drawn, awaiting our response
-Arty says “If you like the Abyss so much we can help send you there” and lets loose a volley, dropping a tiefling
-Vhane orders the attack, only managing to land one arrow
-Aldrick drops a spell, damaging
-Renli says the Abyss will never take hold on this world, steps forward and attacks dropping a cultist and smacking another
-Lucius notices the sword Vhane has, shouts what have you done with Halrun, steps up and dispatches the cultist Renli had hit.
-Vhane buffs and his sword shimmers
-Arty casts a spell, creating an explosion of arrows that drop 5 more cultists
-Aldrick casts blessing of fervor
-Renli buffs and moves up
-The harpies move up and attack, landing blows on Aldrick, Artie, Lucius and Lan
-Lucius casts a spell and slips past the harpies, moving up and attacks Vhane, missing
-A wraith appears to materialize from Vhane’s weapon, and Vhane slashes at Lucius striking a solid blow, and the wraith misses.
-Arty hits a harpy with a pair of arrows
-Renli dispatches another tiefling that tries to move past him
-The female tiefling moves up and does an acrobatic roll into position, striking at Renli and sundering his shield, shattering it
-The rest slash at Renli, striking a single blow
-Aldrick buffs us all with Mythic Prayer
-Renli grabs his sword with both hands and lands three hard blows on the female tiefling
-The harpies strike Aldrick, Artemis and Lands each once.
-Lucius lands three hard blows followed by a devastating strike, but Vhane still stands
- Vhane strikes back then withdraws toward the officer’s court
-Artie drops two harpies, but the unarmed harpy deflects his last arrow
-The tieflings miss Renli, but the female lands a solid blow and a staggering slash
-Aldrick drops a burst of radiance killing 5 more tiefling
-Renli pursues Vhane, landing another blow, dropping him
-The harpies hit Aldrick
-Lucius charges Vhane’s body and slams Halrun’s sword into him
-Artemis drops two more harpies
-Female charges Artie, landing a blow
-Aldrick bursts radiance again
-Renli moves back in and throws a javelin at the female
-The last harpy hits Aldrick
-Lucius puts Vhane’s body in the portable hole
-Artie misses with 5 arrows
-Female lands a blow on Artie
-Aldrick hits the harpy twice
-Renli charges the female, landing a heavy blow
-The harpy hits Aldrick and Artie
-Lucius moves back in toward the female
-Artie puts an arrow through the female’s head then hits the harpy
-Aldrick hits the harpy
-Renli dispatches the harpy
-Renli and Lucius had heard a horse in the officer’s court, we head back in that direction…


The Depths of Sarkorian Heresy

The Depths of Sarkorian Heresy

The Demon’s Heresy VI & VII
4/24/16 & 5/01/16

  • We Entered the Rifts through the gateway beneath the broken mausoleum.
  • Rifts very disorientating/sickening
  • Saw spider webbing/cracks, the rifts are in danger of breaking, and letting in the abyss
  • Evidence of travel, coming the same way, probably carrying something heavy.
  • After an indeterminate time, that felt like days, we reached a larger chamber inside the rifts.
  • Transparent glass effect in the middle of room, was “door”, back to the material plane, that had been shut.
  • Riftwarden opens the door for us, and we exit the rifts into the middle of stonehenge like scene,
  • Center of stone circle, is large stone sarcophagus
  • 8 wights stand guard around the circle
  • They attack
  • stag/headed druid /undead creature thing chained to one of the stone archs. Creates windwall and entangled area.
  • We kill ghasts
  • Artemis almost gets turned into a werewolf,
  • Stone arch with druid protected from living creatures
  • Aldrick uses stoneshape to collapse stone arch with druid, and sets his spiritual weapon on him
  • Artemis and Lucius smack the druid around, Lucius sets him on fire
  • Druid escapes back into stone, melding with it somehow
  • Aldrick opens sarcophagus, misdirects us to his actions and then spears the vampire’s corpse with his soul stealing dagger.


Corruption of Lucius: Death of a People

Corruption of Lucius: Death of a People

The Demon’s Heresy V

We entered the abandoned clan hold that due to some trick of the Worldwound always appeared to be smoldering. Off in the distance we heard the echoes long since dead men screaming of their long since insignificant deaths. Lathander is scared of such screams and put in ear plugs so he could not hear them. This unfortunately does nothing for us in dampening out his incessant dribble. Forward thinking as always, I offered a solution to out pace any pursuers, but we instead argued about the cultist. I do not recall the details, but I am sure Lathander said something foolish about murder as he is wont to do. As if the defending ones person against barbarians could be murder. It was all ridiculous as to my understanding a good tavern killing was typical affair to such people. After all they do chose to live, and die, in the Worldwound. Understandably bored of this Artie entered the clan hold to take a look around.

The clan hold seemed to be locked in a time immediately after it was set ablaze. The visibility was poor due to the smoke and we could hear flames off in other parts of the building. Artie believed that each room would likely be very different depending on its place in time, and visibility would likely change from chamber to chamber. We all soon entered the clan hold and began looking around. Lucius peaked into the courtyard and saw a massive pile of bones that appeared to be demon bones. The courtyard itself appeared to be mostly devoid of smoke and fire. Lathander noticed that the bones near the top were newer than the ones on the bottom. Lucius walked into the courtyard.

In the center of the courtyard atop the pile of bones Lucius noticed their was a throne. The throne appeared to be empty for all but Lucius who could see a man sitting in the throne. From the look of the man he was clearly dead and from the fangs pointing out his mouth Lucius believed him to be a powerful vampire. Lucius informed us subtly and Lathander went to find Artie in another room. Hearing the news Artie moved toward another entrance that led to the courtyard. He was quickly overcome by an illusionary haunt that caused the room to ignite and burned Artie as he bursted through the courtyard door. We all entered the courtyard and the man spoke. He claimed to have a pact with the demons to keep his people safe and that he heared their death cries cursing out our names. He wanted answers and as he requested it the pile of bones of began to ripple. He claimed that we killed his children and that we had broken his pact to leave his children alone. It seemed that he was inferring the pact was not only with the demons but with the crusaders as well. Lathander foolishly asked what happened to the clan hold and it angered the vampire. He tells of how his entire clan was murdered and burned, which to me sounded like justice had been served. The conversation built as the vampire wanted us to submit ourselves to his children for judgement. Lucius refused and promised his own judgement…destruction!

Thinking quickly I used my magic to make the vampire visible. The mass of bones shot forth a bone cage to encompass Lucius, which I freed him from. Lathander finally became useful and healed Artie after a solid minute of the man bleeding all over the ground. The bone golem was apparently immune to magic and Artie could still not decide whether or not he wanted to join the fight. The vampire summoned several swarms of bats which Artie quickly dispersed. Lathander woke up and realized we were fighting a vampire. The vampire attempted to take over Artie’s mind, but he shrugs it off. That in turn engaged Gatling gun Artie and the bone golem died. The bones crumbled onto the vampire and we lost sight of him. I shook the bones with a powerful spell and revealed that the vampire had turned into gas. He then formed next to Artie and the battle continued, but ultimately finished by Artie. Finally the vampire disappeared within the bone pile.

We then argued about what to do with the vampire now that we had killed it and it had returned to its home. Bertrand mentioned there was once a mausoleum in the center of the fountain within the courtyard. We at least decided to blow up the bone pile covering the mausoleum. Once done and inside we discovered a rift portal taking up the entire interior of the mausoleum, but no tomb of the vampire.

pentagram.gif Aldrick

Forged by The Fire of Heaven

Forged by the Fire of Heaven

The Sword of Valor Session XXII & XXIII
9/26/15 & 9/27/15

  • We encounter, “Seventh” a black armored knight with a gold bulls mask. He is covered in gore and riding a nightmare.
    Told us the age of man was over. We being of more than mortal power have a choice, it would suck if we were “wasted.”

  • Showed us vision of our future glories if we sided with him. And turned over the “emperial.”
    Saw vision of myself leading a great host in war. I was filled with righteous anger, and my enemies were destroyed before me. I brought down the walls of heaven, a crimson 1 burning on my mask.

  • Told Seventh to go fuck himself. He responded with a massive conflagration of fire black as night.
    At that moment a spectral angel appeared before me, embraced me, his wings a shield from the flame. When the flames finally died down, the angels likewise were gone.

  • The Statue of Chernobyl animated and attacked, we broke it, swiftly.

  • We explored the rest of the floor. Finding the “lords” chambers and a stairwell down.

  • Taking the stairs downwards, we entered a pocket of the worldwound, where the abyss was very close, perhaps even overlayed with the material plain.
    Horrible whispers nagged and teased us from the shadows, maddening and incomprehensible.

  • In the catacombs below we encountered some undead and the keep’s master torturer. Slain
    Passing through the jail cells, we found a cell where the residue of a powerful aura lingered. The cell was covered in drawings of butterflies.

  • Deeper into the catacombs we discovered a lift, leading down into a large forge, where a group of duergar were making their foul creations.
    We tried to catch them off-guard by pretending to be their allies/supperiors to gain purchase of the lift.
    Many of the duergar go invisible. Their leader, the brother of Vhane, and a foul cleric of Droskar, heads to the forges, to unleash the Fire Elementals enslaved within.

  • With Aldricks Fog and Artemis’s arrows, the dwarves are slain in short order.

  • The hallway beyond was trapped with poisonous fog, and we were set upon by more grimsnakes. We put them down, but as before, they proved to be dangerous foes. We carried on injured and running out of steam.

  • This hallway was filled with images of religious blasphemy to all the gods of Avistan. The images assaulted our minds with despair, but proved no match for our mettle.

  • We enter a round chamber, dominated by a massive pit filled with the corpses of 50 years worth of ritual sacrifices. Accross a rope bridge lies a raised platform, upon which the Sword of Valor, covered in blood and filth rests.
    As we enter the room, we feel the effects of the Rasping Rifts grow stronger, and our connections with our divine sources grow weak and distant.

  • Before the altar before us, is Captain Edoras and several crusaders.
    Behind him, is a nude women, casting some sort of chanting ritual. Maggots poured out of her eyes and mouth. She was invisible to all other eyes.

  • Captain Edoras rages at us, claiming we betrayed the cause, and now he has to put us down.
    Momentarily I try to remove him from my path and carry on to the banner. But he proved “difficult” I matched his anger with my own, As I raged at his weak mind, and lack of faith of devotion to the cause. I was not going to allow this shitty broken paladin to prevent us from doing our duty. So I cut him down.

  • Nearly down for the count, he cut the rope on one side of the bridge, dropping himself into the pit. I catch the other rope, and shimy across.
    Meanwhile Aldrick and Artemis engage the traitor Crusaders, revealed to be more Insubordination demons.

  • Aldrick casts invisibility purge, revealing the Deskarian ritualist in all her naked glory. Artemis turns her into a new quiver.

  • As we lay claim to the banner, a shadow rises. The Shadow demon who plagued us in Kenabres, who lead Liotr astray, and now Edoras. Thankfully we had prepared ourselves against possession.
    Unable to gain purchase the demon fled.

  • We were to late, the banner had been destroyed, now little more than stained nonmagical cloth.

  • In failure, we activate our “teleportation” box to return home. But breaking our expectation, the trinket instead summons a messenger Archon, a ball of light
  • .
  • The Messenger informed us that the forces of Heaven new the banner had been destroyed, before our quest began, that from the very beginning this quest was doomed for failure.

  • I get pissed off, many good men died for this chance, men whose lives could have been better spent in a battle that wasn’t pointless. We are now perhaps the last best hope for mankind, and our efforts have been spent for nothing.

  • The Archon tells us the mission never had anything to do with the banner. It was a test of our devotion, and our commitment. The Concordance had decided that only with such a test could we be trusted to bear this “mythic power” and be the new hope for mankind.

  • The Archon then presented us with a new Sword of Valor. Which he informed us was far simpler in application than legends would have seem. The banner is simply a focus for the faith and belief of those who fought under it. The original banner had failed, not because of any action of the enemy, but because we, the forces of the crusade, had lost hope, and accepted our stagnant decline.

  • He then informed us that at this very moment the forces of Aponavicious were assaulting the capital of Nerosyan. That against such a force, the city could not hold. But it had not yet fallen. That if we were willing to agree to this burden, to carry the hope and faith of man on our backs, into the darkness, against all odds, then there was still time.

  • He teleports us to the ramparts. Queen Galfrey and her inner circle had just lead a ‘last stand" charge out the gates, and had engaged Aponavicous in single combat. While her personal battle waged, all around us, men were falling, the innumerable forces of chaos swallowing the walls like the tide.

  • The Sword of Valor was raised anew. The forces of man would not go quietly into the night! No this would be a new dawn! As light peeled down from heaven, illuminating the banner, the cries of despair and loss gave way to a new cry, a cry of disbelief, a cry of courage, a cry of hope.

  • Nerosyan would not fall on this day! We joined the fight, and though we slayed many demons, it was the hope and steel of our brothers who held the walls, who delivered a crippling blow to Aponavicous’s great horde.

  • Galfrey, finding new strength and momentum at her back, defeats the Marilith. Though Aponavicous fled, coward that she is, rather than face the justice she so rightfully deserves.

  • We are victorious!


No More Squawks for the Vroc

No More Squawks for the Vroc

The Sword of Valor Session XX

We killed the mythic creature and decided where to go next. From the ghost below we learned that there was a hidden vault off of the main chapel within the citadel. He believed that was where the sword of valor had been kept. As he mentioned though it had been a long time since he last sensed the artifact. We decided to head into that direction to check the hidden vault first. It is assumed that the durgar may have discovered it. Also we believed they were trying to perform some kind of ritual with crusaders so it was possible they were trying to corrupt the banner. The corridors were narrow and there were many choke points and arrow slits from within. It had the feel of disuse, but not filth. There were constant reminders of the crusader’s defeat and the demon’s victory.

We went down stairs and Lucius heard some noise, sounded like someone being beaten, on the other side of the door at the end of the stairs. Lucius through open the door and there is BATTLE!!! We entered a barracks to see tieflings standing around watching two of their ilk pit fighting. One of the tieflings turned into a thoxal, which is a demon created from the souls of deserters and traitors. The thoxal cut the cord between the two fighters and urged them to attack us. We defeat them all and searched around the room. We found a locked room, but it was fortunate that the thoxal had the key.

Opening the door we discovered a brutalized female crusader. She had clearly been there for a very long time. Renli went in and comforted the women. Lucius and then Renli used their abilities to determine she had a strong evil aura. Lucius intimidated her and she started vomiting since she was a half succubus. Lucius stabbed her after which we decided to talk to her. She was sent here to recover one of her fallen sisters. A sister that believed herself to be a follower of Desna. Lucius had heard enough and tried to kill her. BATTLE!! She took several good hits and then disappeared to the ethereal plane and moved through a wall.

We moved into the next room and Lucius heard what sounded like chopping wood through the next door. We opened the door to find a large ogre tiefling cutting up bodies. BATTLE!! Several deadly hits and the ogre was stunned and dropped it’s cleaver. It then decided to attack me with a dead mans leg, creepy. Renli finished the Ogre with several quick cuts severing it’s leg and bringing it to the ground. From the other room we could hear chanting for “more meat” so we kicked in the door and found five tieflings sitting around a table. Renli jumped onto the table and the battle continues. We slaughtered them all and a demon dog, grimslake, came from another room to join the fray. There turned out to be two of the beasts and they had a nasty bite and tail that sucked the marrow from your bones. They too met their end.

We entered the courtyard and it had been defiled and filled with banners and trophies made from the flesh and bones of beasts and men. We decided to turn to the side door, which Renli and Lucius had to break open. There before us was a massive thrown room with a desiccated human body sitting on the thrown. Standing behind the thrown was a massive twenty five foot bronze statue of Chyrnobal. More importantly there was a vroc with four thoxals standing in front of the thrown. When the door opened the thoxals charged and there was BATTLE!!! With some difficulty we brought down Konneshka, leader of the citadel guards, and her demonic soldiers.

pentagram.gif Aldrick

A Sacrifice Honored

A Sacrifice Honored

The Sword of Valor Session XIX

returning to gate, men are fighting valiantly but outnumbered
ART- kills three tieflings
ALD- casts bless
REN- roaring battle cry (i am the wrath, i am the righteous, Iomedae is my strength!) cleave through two
LUC- charges, kills one
NPC- Captian Daun, “The heroes have returned, stand strong, hold the line!” troops rally, tieflings continue to engage, also turn to heroes, renli cuts down another; tieflings wound heroes
ART- shoots more tieflings, including one attacking aldrick “die baron!”
ALD- kills two with asmodeus’ spiritual mace
REN- kills three tieflings, moves forward
LUC- charges tieflings at line, killing one
NPC- soldiers hold strong, kill few more; two charge aldrick, one wound;
ART- killed two more tieflings
ALD- spiritual mace attacks kills another tiefling; draws and loads xbow
REN- charge back of tiefling line, kills one
LUC- kills one tiefling
NPC- men kills two more; bellowing horn goes up – army of Kenabres charges from ruins of South Bank; tieflings panic, flee even as commander orders to stay but also flees; army overruns fat tiefling leader, trampling him, we cut down fleeing tielfings; reunite at bridge gates!

Edoras “well met heroes, phase 1 of the attack has been a success!” to officers “see gates; anevia, explore ruins; scout the area”
Lann rides up and dismounts “soldiers of Iomedae, come close”, insurgent forces gathers close, healed by the glory of Iomedae (if i had such a gift)

carrion bird flock crowing above citadel
forces of tieflings gathering at gates
massive cricket/roar! mantis, maggot, rhino beetle – chimera, w/ insect wings, stinger of dragonfly
edoras “well gentlemen, when we took this mission, we knew this day would come. we have stolen a moment, now on with your mission. when you saved Kenabres, you saved all our lives. Now men, we pay it forward! FOR KENABRES!” he, and many of the men charge the massive hoard!
capt daun “dont worry, we will hold the gate so they can fall back”
lann “good hunting, and good luck, and may the Inheritor honor your sacrifice. now, shall we go?”

ART- shoots arrows at distant chimera
ALD- let us go, moves into city
LUC- moves into city
REN- pained and with longing, i move off into the ruins, “their sacrifice will not be in vain”

renli, knowledge of church practices, suggest tactical location of church; lucius identifies street through ruins
ART- shoots one last time, shreeks
ALD- casts Burst of Radiance on creature

cut through ruins, make it to courtyard outside ruined cathedral
was once magnificent, hand carved mahogany, stained glass windows of acts of iomedae, (possible battle within cathedral), excrement and blood on exterior, but significant dust on inside (has not been touched in ages)
dedicated to Saint Clydwell, taldan noble who bankrupted self to raise force to bring north on 1st crusade; great tactician, many successes driving demons back
artie “demons have not tread here; what she said is true, they fear this place”
lucius “when demons speak true it is only lies. if they have avoided this place, there is a reason for it. be on your guard”
artie “she said it was haunted…”
aldrick “there is only one way to find out. after you renli”
renli “i will never fear the Lady’s house” and proceed in

enter, clear signs of battle within, long dead skeletons, li
raised dias, long marble altar, gold pulpit and reliquary
statues of iomedae and st clydwell; clydwell kneeling with wings, being knighted into ascension
paint is pale, fading, peeling away
carcas of four limbed beast (glabrezu)
wrought-iron staircase leading down to one side, alcoves and office to other
examining altar, artie and lucius notice slight crack under marble slab (unable to lift)
lathander gives me crowbar, with a blessing am able to lift

descend staircase into massive crypt, floor to ceiling crypts,
whispy, ghostly creature “you shall not befoul this place of purity”, attacks aldrick, draws life energy from his unholy form
spectre – order of sentinels (guardians of wardstones)

NPC- attacks Aldrick again
REN- read soul, no evil, “hallowed knight of iomedae, guardian of the order of sentinels, please stay your hand! we are here on a mission set forth by Iomedae, to bring battle to the vile forces of the Worldwound.”
ART- readies arrow
LUC- holds
ALD- holds
NPC- “young knight, you have been deceived. two among you are not what they appear to be. join me now!” attacks Lucius,
REN- “hlat your sword soldier! we have been commanded here by Queen Galfrey herself, all here have sworn the Oath of the Crusader and the Queen is aware of everyone here’s true nature. Halt your sword” step in front of Lucius and Aldrick
ART- holds
LUC- removes mask, points sword over renli “you hinder our mission, and i will slay you as i would any servant of the Enemy”
ALD- holds
NPC- eyes flare golden, sword disappears “i detect no evil in your hearts. why have you brought this cursed one into these hallowed grounds?”
REN- descendant of Saint Albas Aurelius Aquitainus, abyssal heritage, mission to recover relic
NPC- “i hear no malice in your words. If you seek a relic, then it must be… the Sword of Valor”
NPC- “in life, i was known as Sir Holten Albright, order of the Holy Sentinels. Citadel Drezen was my post, and my failure”
ALD-”tell us about it”
NPC- Tell me, was it by my actions that the wardstones came to falli?”
“when i was young i was to be raised as first of my order. but i was foolish, a demon disguised as a angel deceived me. told me i could take the power of the wardstone on myself and with enough power would be able to end the threat once and for all. the wardstones were weakened, but men of great power were able to restore them. for my failure, i was sentenced to guard this tunnel in that life and the next”
aldrick “these men, who were they?”
“there names have passed beyond history. they were there at the right time when they were needed.”
aldrick “what of arodus?”
“i do not know what befell his fate. in the days before my failure, our commander had become reclusive. the loss of his children weighed heavily on him. but enough talk has passed, if the sword of valor you seek, i fear it is too late, for i have not felt its presence in some time. the creatures under the mountain, the dark dwarves, i fear have done something”
aldrick-”if you could tell us of its last location, that might be of assistance”
“in the past it hung in the Chapel of Iomedae, kept safe in a secret vault within, but during the fall i know not where it ended”
“the citadel was designed by men, but built by dwarves in the fashion of the sky-citadels. narrow halls, highly defensible, with forges and hidden stores below. These were well hidden, the only one i was aware of was off the main planning room, hidden in the officers’ quarters.”
“it appears my penance has come to an end. good luck on your mission, may your minds remain strong in the face of the guile of the enemy. do not let your human impulses overcome you. good luck.” fades away (Removes negative energy)

crawl into crypt, no back; narrow passage behind; follow for a while to stairs
dead soldier stuck in secret door; deceased remains of dretch on ground in crypt
exit chamber into hallway of burial chambers, stairs leading up; lined by armor (ceremonial)
rotten wooden door at top of stairs; enter into small ruined chapel – totally desecrated; dead knight (heavy armor, tower shield w/ nailed corpse, crucified on shield); missing part of roof
sounds of tieflings and carrion birds in distance
Lann very emotional at sights of horror

can see training compounds, stables, barracks
citadel is still intact, but back two towers are damaged (one completely collapsed, other partially collapsed)
Aldrick puts on Collar of Silence, activate; hear haunting voices, howling
walk precisely to ruins, birds notice us, but no other reactions
open door to first barrack (house 25, probably 50-75 living within) disgusting, filthy; cross barracks; stride purposefully and confidently to next barrack
small cluster of birds now circling us
next barracks, has human hides piled to side
very few guards on walls, mostly went to slaughter humans
damaged tower easy to climb, can get into wall
fresh blood on walls, corpses dropped (knights of kenabres)
Hear Lucius in head, “there is something in the ruins”
move up to ruined tower, can see bug-chimera sleeping
renli drink potion of bulls strength
party sneaks into ruins, preparing to engage creature; artie to 2nd level, others below
chimera wakes up, sees baron issen, lets out roar, but no sound

CHIMERA- unleashes cone of cold at party, hitting aldrick, renli, lucius
ALD- shoots xbow, no hit
LUC- drink potion of bulls strength, move up
REN- move through ruin, strike chimera twice with smite
ART- shoots, hits with 1 arrow
CHIMERA- 2 bite, 1 claw on renli – miss; 1 bite, 1 claw on lucius – 1 claw hit

CHIMERA- 1 bite renli hit;
LUC- with wrath of (deity), inner fury, misses then hits
REN- hits twice more with Radiance
ART- shoots, hits once, but shaking of tower limits ability to make future attacks (fumble)
CHIMERA- multiple bites, renli turns away one; lucius gored; renli clawed, lucius clawed

CHIMERA- attacks artie multiple times, 1 hit; claws renli, lucius; draws artie into maw, starts crushing, artie hanging on for dear life (0 hp)
ALD- drinks healing potion
LUC- fury of (deity), cleaves creature in twain!



The Devil and the Demon Few

The Devil and the Demon Few

The Sword of Valor Session XVIII

We Talk to Jerebith
She is a beautiful women, but actually a Demon
Was/is Xanthor’s Main Squeeze
Is affiliated with Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth and Baphomet
Looks down upon Tempars, why we do not know
Offers us information in return for allowing her to speak to Staunton Vhane after we capture him
Aldrick lies, and agrees to her terms.
She tells us of a secret passageway beneath the cathedral at paradise hill that leads directly into drezen’s keep
Guarded by one of aponavicious’s pets, but few others know about it
We try to attack her/capture her, but Lucius’s spell fails and she leaves.

Aldrick steals the soul of the dieing Nora.
Which promps Tear to kill him with a mighty blow of his hammer.
The rest of us spring into action. Renli brings Aldrick back by touching him.
Aldrick tries to turn crowd against Teer, tieflings go nuts.
Lucius arrests Tear and Aldrick (manacles go on tear he’s scary) Destroys soul crystal to release nora
Renli and Lan are able to calm tieflings.
Edoras, incompetent idiot, lets them both go without punishment.

We decide to go with the plan of pretending to be slavers to get a small force into paradise hill. make opening for rest of army
to better pretend to be slavers aldrick speaks with dead to the soul of Baron Issen
Just as pompous, arrogant, and sly as we remember.
We find out his slaving venture was associated with Jecumbah (Black Market women)
Tells us that Paradise hill;s leader is a brimrock named Nagaroth, and he tells us generally of paradise hills defensive layout.
Getting in is going to be hard, so Aldrick steals Baron Issens face (permanently) with a horribly wrong spell. We take some of our Tieflings with us, and between my fiendish nature, aldricks smoothness, and Tears ridiculously large guns we get in no problem.

They take us to Nagaroth who is a small flame demon with a napoleon complex. He has a bunch of schir demons as guards. We leave the rest of our men at the gates.
Aldrick and Nagaroth chat for a small moment, Before Aldrick, making an amusing pun out of Nagaroth saying he is confused…casts confusion on everyone.
We learn from the conversation that they were looking for a halfling named Renli in particular. And that Vorlash was the one to put the price on his head.
Between Aldricks mighty spells, Lucious intimidating lawful presence nauseating most of the demons and the rest of the groups martial might, we cut through the leader of Paradise Hill and his guards.
Some of the Schir demons had attempted to summon aid.But failed, but they did open a rift that lucius had to close.
As we were finishing up the demons, the Tiefling slavers who made paradise hill their home arrived. We killed them indiscriminately as we fell back to the wall/gate.
We arrive just in the nick of time, our men are vastly outnumbered.


Prelude to a Siege

Prelude to a Siege

The Sword of Valor Session XVII

-Lathander shrieks, we whirl to see Zombies and scattered ghouls encircling us.
-Aldrick and Renli advise us to fall back so as not to draw attention from the city, we are scouting after all. But we will have to fight our way out.
-Arty and Aldrick reposition, Renli slaughters the ghoul on Lathander, Lucius pulls back
-Arty drops two ghouls, Aldrick drops a ghoul with spiritual weapon, Renli drops a ghoul
-Arty drops one zombie, everyone else drops two.
-All drop two except Aldrick
-Arty drops 3, Aldrick drops ghoul, Renli drops two, Lucius whiffs
-Arty withdraws, Aldrick drops one, Renli drops three, Lucius drops the last ghoul.
-We hear birds, and part of the flocks break off, Lucius notes some larger birds. Aldrick suggests we find a mausoleum
-We all fall back
-Zombies turn on the rest, Arty drops three from the edge of the mausoleum area, Aldrick and Renli catch up to Arty, Lucius draws a wand and casts retreat
-Arty drops 3, Aldrick looks for a good crypt and finds one, inscription reads his family name. Rest all withdraw.
-Arty goes to follow Aldrick and can’t find him, rest follow me, Aldrick is entranced
-Birds appear like they are coming to investigate
-Arty can’t find Aldrick, footprints end, Aldrick looks for a way into the crypt, figures it out, door slides aside, he moves into crypt. Renli catches up and looks around for Aldrick.
-Arty shouts for Aldrick and he responds, Arty moves in that direction.
-Aldrick opens the portcullis in his crypt, finds one plaque blank, and mural, examines the mural, depicting a warrior fighting off a horde of demons, sheathed in radiant light with a golden sword, stone city in the distance. Iomadae symbol, in memory of Aurelius and in honor of his sacrifice may he be welcomed by the gates of heaven. Set up as if body would have been here but it isn’t.
-Others move up
-Aldrick opens a crypt with Areodous, using Stone Shape, and is surprised at finding a body in burial shroud. May he find his peace in the afterlife.
-Birds getting closer.
-Aldrick casts detect magic, faint glow from chest, family crest with designation of rank, pentagram glowing on back then magic dissipates. Sees masonry work and not a solid slab, which is odd.
-Lucius moves to the front realizes where Aldrick might have gone.
-Birds circling hilltop with a few humanoids, black feathered winged humanoids, taloned feet with female body, harpies.
-Arty follows Lucius, as does Renli.
-Aldrick pulls the body out, then stone shapes the masonry work to reveal a lead box.
-Birds starting to spread out and search
-Lucius examines the door, notes the name. asks for St Elvis’ blessing to enter
-Renli hears speak the honor and enters, speaks honor and the door opens, we all enter
-Aldrick finds a slight imprint of a pentagram on lead box, places keyed pentagram in place, no luck, but it pricks hand and the blood triggers the lock. In the box is a small bundle wrapped in fabric.
-We walk in, one suit of armor on either side, portcullis which won’t open, Lathander unlocks, door closes behind Renli just as the birds come down, Renli lights up radiance, which is truly gleaming, and sword in relief glints brightly, as if it is really there
-Aldrick opens the package and finds a scroll, tries to pocket it stealthily but is seen by Lucius and Arty.
-Lucius challenges Aldrick, accuses him a grave robbing, Aldrick laughs it off, returns body and reshapes the tomb. Puts necklace on which is a leaders necklace
-Aldrick goes to pray, arty examines relief, which has a narrative about the trap laid and his last stand to let the people go, kept on fighting where he should rightly be dead
-Renli notices a halfling on a horse in the relief moving with the people, starts to put pieces together that this could be Elvis’ second in command.
-Sword is noted to be radiance, Aldrick claims its his and he bestowed it on Renli for use.
-Blade and lettering glow intently, claims the sword is above human laws and it was bestowed by iomadae and only her.
-We wait for the sound to cease and then a little longer and head out back to the army
-Edoras is relieved we returned, they had seen the birds moving and he was about to send a party after us
-Lucius keeps us up for the night since we are so close to Drezen
-Aldrick examines crimson red case with black caps and gold trim, extremely detailed, perhaps beyond mortal construction, one cap has pentagram, other family crest. Unable to open, pricks himself, allows him to open from crest side, feels his connection to Asmodeus being severed as he opens it. Vellum like scroll, a very legal contract, signed by Areodous. Aldrick realizes the way to possibly break a contract with Asmodeus is to retain it and then destroy it. The contract is to be able to have children as Areodous has been unsuccessful. Unable to read who he signed with.
-Lucius spies eyes in the camp while we are on watch, alerts Arty and Renli, possible large cat returning outsider
-We move, Lucius sends pickets into camp, they scream, blood demons, one comes around corner slaying a man
-Arty says you stepped around the wrong corner blood demon and slams four arrows into him. Aldrick equips and protects himself. Renli moves up, Lucius moves up and calls the camp to arms.
-Blood demons advance and do minimal damage
-Arty overcome by something, slams two more arrows home
-Aldrick steps out of tent and is immediately attacked by Nora screaming die
-Aldrick casts fire acid spell on her
-Renli and Lucius both land blows
-Arty drops a demon, pumps two more assisting Renli
-Nora attacks Aldrick, who noticed she is not in her right mind, possibly possessed
-Aldrick casts arrow of law on Nora
-Renli cuts another demon in half
-Lucius trades blows with the remaining demon
-Arty moves up and misses the last demon
-Nora attacks Aldrick
-Aldrick casts another spell but she saves
-Renli moves toward Aldrick
-Lucius trades blows with the demon
-Arty vapes the last demon
-Nora attacks
-Aldrick casts tremor blast, knocking Nora to the ground.
-Renli charges Nora and hits
-Lucius looks for the cat, found brief tracks, previous strong chaotic presence
-Arty moves up and shoots her
-She calls out to Sickenbroth to mill us, feline materializes and growls, turns to laughter, feline turns into beautiful elven woman
-sorry your friend is no longer here
-Nora is shocked and despairs, pulls out a knife and slits her throat. Aldrick notices it may have been the possessed creature killing her.
-Elven woman says to us its time that we talked.



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