One of the three NPCs trapped in the caverns beneath Kenabres, your opinion of the young “boy” is that he’s a pretty tough kid who broke his leg during the fall.

Introduced simply as Anevia, the young boy is actually a woman who is actively trying to keep her sex a secret. She described her occupation as being in the employ of The Eagle Watch yet she wears neither the armor nor cloak of the city guard. Anevia is a stoic woman who prefers to keep to herself and offers little when pressed for conversation. She is grateful for the assistance she received, especially from Lathander in preparing a splint for her broken leg, but conscious of the fact that she never asked for any help. The relatively lack of attention she has received from the group suits her just fine.

Aldrick has attempted to rile her with comments regarding her usefulness, or lack thereof, but she has shown little reaction to his taunts.


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