Aravash Narciso


One of the three NPCs trapped in the caverns below Kenabres, the old scholar Aravash Narciso was gravely wounded during the attack on the city. While his wounds have been healed, the horrific burns he received to his face have left him permanently blinded.

The well spoken and highly educated Aravash is a curator at The Librarium of the Broken Black Wing, a fact that he has mentioned on multiple occasions. The Librarium, known as the “Blackwing” by locals, is the premier library for the study and research of demonology and planar travel north of Absalom. A knowledgeable historian, Aravash enjoys sharing his knowledge (clearly humility is not one of his personality traits). He has also proven to be somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, randomly bringing up rumors of how this group or that group have been infiltrated by demonoligists or are secretly working for the enemy.

Clearly accustomed to being in command Aravash is not shy about sharing his opinion on the groups actions and demanding that they explain, in great detail, what they are encountering in the caverns. His attempts to influence the group have gotten under the skin of Lucius who has lashed out verbally in an attempt to silence the old man.

Aravash has made multiple mentions of his younger days as a student in Cheliex, including references to devil summoning and binding. At one point you he was caught referring to himself as a member of the “Adepts” but he quickly changed the subject and has not spoken of it since.

Aravash appears to be an accomplished Conjurer; however, he is somewhat limited because of his new disability. The group has only heard him summon his power once, but when he did it was to call forth Hellfire to strike down a demon. His blindness kept this from being too useful as he could not really direct the power.

Aravash Narciso

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