You first heard the name Faxium during the “interrogation” of the Quasit Quillitch who identified Faxium as his current master.

Later, during the attack on the mongrelmen traitors, Lt. Hosilla, questioned if you were sent by the “treacherous Faxium.”

The message from Vhane to Hosilla made further reference to the individual, and hinted that while they are working together their is little love between those Faxium represents and The Hammers of Heaven.

From this information, you believe that Faxium may be a member of the Cult of Deskari. According to Quillitch, an alliance has been formed between the Demon Lord Deskari and Lord Baphomet.

Helena described him…“skin a deep crimson…his feet hooved, and a pair of thick black horns extended from his brow.” He seems to have the ability to enter areas protected by the wardstones where all demons are forbidden. The group theorizes he may be some hybrid between human and demon, containing both a body and soul like creatures of the Material Plane. This is most likely due to the experimentation of Xanthir Vang on pregnant women. Helena mentions he was accompanied by a mysterious women who we know little about. Perhaps this women has something to do with Xanthir’s experimentation and these unexplained powers.


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