Horgus Gwerm


One of the three NPCs trapped in the caverns beneath Kenabres, your opinion of the middle aged, Horgus Gwerm is that he is an arrogant, overweight, acerbic nobleman with an inflated sense of his own importance.

Horgus, an intelligent, rich man of self made wealth with many years of learning and trade experience behind him, is relatively well respected within Kenabres merchant circles. As such he is genuinely shocked that no one has recognized his family name and is offended by the treatment he has received from those he is trapped with. Lost underground, unarmed and forced to trust in “tainted barbarians” for safety, does not sit well Horgus and he has attempted, poorly, to hide his fear under an extra layer of arrogant bluster. Horgus mutters to himself constantly, seemingly trying to convince himself that he has made a good deal with the “devil” while berating his treatment and lamenting over his fate.

You’ve noticed that Horgus goes out of his way to stay away from the masked Witch Hunter, and he seems genuinely scarred by Aldrick, with whom he believes he has made an arrangement for his protection & safe passage home.

Both Lucius & Aldrick noticed that Horgus stuttered over his name while introducing himself.

Gwerm is restored to his mansion where he makes good on his promise of wealth, but not safety. Once reaching his vault Gwerm escapes the demon infested city using a port key he has stored there for such an emergency. However, it is unknown whether or not he made it back safety as transportation magic, such as the port key uses, within the Worldwound can be erratic.

Horgus Gwerm

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