Letter to Hosilla


Circumstances have necessitated that I depart earlier than anticipated. You will remain, for the time being, in Kenabres. But know this, the cities days are numbered. Soon, I shall assume command of Drezen, and you will return to my side. Before you depart, pay a visit to the chemist and “Thank” him for his service. Then stop by the Lodge and insure that the fool has left no evidence behind. Finally, it has come to my attention that the pest Faxium has been assigned the acquisition of a priority target. It would serve us well should we succeed where he fails. If the opportunity arises you may thank him as well. Use your mongrels. They are expendable and not traceable back to the Templars. Fret not over the alliance, as our Lord decrees, Power is neither earned nor given, but must be Taken.

Act with Haste. Once Vorlesh returns and initiates her ritual with the Stone you won’t want to be anywhere near the doomed city.


PS If you haven’t already, best thank the messenger too.

Letter to Hosilla

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