The Wrath of the Righteous

Milo the Magnificent

Milo the Magnificent

The Sword of Valor Session VI

Robed figure holding ceremonial dagger opens door (female voice)

“you are a long way from home travelers. Come, it is not safe in the night”

Teer goes inside, darkness

Renli goes in and uses radiance to dispel darkness

Inside is very ornate, blankets over statues

asks us to sit, we can smell wonderful BBQ (hard to resist halfling temptations)

She casts suggestion on Renli, he shrugs it off and asks where our men our.

Teer stays at the entrance

lightening flashes, stain glass reveals symbol of demon god kabreri

pulls back robe…she is undead

“you wish to know where the others are?! Come join the feast and you will understand!”

Casts flame strike

Fight ensues (gargoyles come down from the ceiling)

I tumble and flip and….get hit….and diseased…..and I do 2 damage…..balls

I am hit again….and paralyzed

Renli unleashes on the bitch

Eventually she is hurt and says that we will die before the sun rises

She melts away and disappears

Renli ventures into side room, finds dead bodies hanging from rafters and 2 ghouls guarding

Bell rings and ghouls rise throughout the surrounding hills

Lathander is left alone w/ Aldrick…..creepy…..RUN Lathander!

Ghouls everywhere!

Mirror images for Milo

Ghouls breakdown doors

Aldrick casts difficult terrain

Lathander uses holy bombs

Teer destroys things…..per usual

Renli tries to knock down door, gets 2 negative levels

Teer destroys door…..per usual

Inside is darkness…..

Aldrick casts mythic prayer

Bitch casts unholy prayer

Renli dispels darkness and within the darkness a half death demon with wings, the undead caster (bitch), and 3 ghouls are revealed



Bondoid CoreyLynch

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