The Wrath of the Righteous

A Sacrifice Honored

A Sacrifice Honored

The Sword of Valor Session XIX

returning to gate, men are fighting valiantly but outnumbered
ART- kills three tieflings
ALD- casts bless
REN- roaring battle cry (i am the wrath, i am the righteous, Iomedae is my strength!) cleave through two
LUC- charges, kills one
NPC- Captian Daun, “The heroes have returned, stand strong, hold the line!” troops rally, tieflings continue to engage, also turn to heroes, renli cuts down another; tieflings wound heroes
ART- shoots more tieflings, including one attacking aldrick “die baron!”
ALD- kills two with asmodeus’ spiritual mace
REN- kills three tieflings, moves forward
LUC- charges tieflings at line, killing one
NPC- soldiers hold strong, kill few more; two charge aldrick, one wound;
ART- killed two more tieflings
ALD- spiritual mace attacks kills another tiefling; draws and loads xbow
REN- charge back of tiefling line, kills one
LUC- kills one tiefling
NPC- men kills two more; bellowing horn goes up – army of Kenabres charges from ruins of South Bank; tieflings panic, flee even as commander orders to stay but also flees; army overruns fat tiefling leader, trampling him, we cut down fleeing tielfings; reunite at bridge gates!

Edoras “well met heroes, phase 1 of the attack has been a success!” to officers “see gates; anevia, explore ruins; scout the area”
Lann rides up and dismounts “soldiers of Iomedae, come close”, insurgent forces gathers close, healed by the glory of Iomedae (if i had such a gift)

carrion bird flock crowing above citadel
forces of tieflings gathering at gates
massive cricket/roar! mantis, maggot, rhino beetle – chimera, w/ insect wings, stinger of dragonfly
edoras “well gentlemen, when we took this mission, we knew this day would come. we have stolen a moment, now on with your mission. when you saved Kenabres, you saved all our lives. Now men, we pay it forward! FOR KENABRES!” he, and many of the men charge the massive hoard!
capt daun “dont worry, we will hold the gate so they can fall back”
lann “good hunting, and good luck, and may the Inheritor honor your sacrifice. now, shall we go?”

ART- shoots arrows at distant chimera
ALD- let us go, moves into city
LUC- moves into city
REN- pained and with longing, i move off into the ruins, “their sacrifice will not be in vain”

renli, knowledge of church practices, suggest tactical location of church; lucius identifies street through ruins
ART- shoots one last time, shreeks
ALD- casts Burst of Radiance on creature

cut through ruins, make it to courtyard outside ruined cathedral
was once magnificent, hand carved mahogany, stained glass windows of acts of iomedae, (possible battle within cathedral), excrement and blood on exterior, but significant dust on inside (has not been touched in ages)
dedicated to Saint Clydwell, taldan noble who bankrupted self to raise force to bring north on 1st crusade; great tactician, many successes driving demons back
artie “demons have not tread here; what she said is true, they fear this place”
lucius “when demons speak true it is only lies. if they have avoided this place, there is a reason for it. be on your guard”
artie “she said it was haunted…”
aldrick “there is only one way to find out. after you renli”
renli “i will never fear the Lady’s house” and proceed in

enter, clear signs of battle within, long dead skeletons, li
raised dias, long marble altar, gold pulpit and reliquary
statues of iomedae and st clydwell; clydwell kneeling with wings, being knighted into ascension
paint is pale, fading, peeling away
carcas of four limbed beast (glabrezu)
wrought-iron staircase leading down to one side, alcoves and office to other
examining altar, artie and lucius notice slight crack under marble slab (unable to lift)
lathander gives me crowbar, with a blessing am able to lift

descend staircase into massive crypt, floor to ceiling crypts,
whispy, ghostly creature “you shall not befoul this place of purity”, attacks aldrick, draws life energy from his unholy form
spectre – order of sentinels (guardians of wardstones)

NPC- attacks Aldrick again
REN- read soul, no evil, “hallowed knight of iomedae, guardian of the order of sentinels, please stay your hand! we are here on a mission set forth by Iomedae, to bring battle to the vile forces of the Worldwound.”
ART- readies arrow
LUC- holds
ALD- holds
NPC- “young knight, you have been deceived. two among you are not what they appear to be. join me now!” attacks Lucius,
REN- “hlat your sword soldier! we have been commanded here by Queen Galfrey herself, all here have sworn the Oath of the Crusader and the Queen is aware of everyone here’s true nature. Halt your sword” step in front of Lucius and Aldrick
ART- holds
LUC- removes mask, points sword over renli “you hinder our mission, and i will slay you as i would any servant of the Enemy”
ALD- holds
NPC- eyes flare golden, sword disappears “i detect no evil in your hearts. why have you brought this cursed one into these hallowed grounds?”
REN- descendant of Saint Albas Aurelius Aquitainus, abyssal heritage, mission to recover relic
NPC- “i hear no malice in your words. If you seek a relic, then it must be… the Sword of Valor”
NPC- “in life, i was known as Sir Holten Albright, order of the Holy Sentinels. Citadel Drezen was my post, and my failure”
ALD-”tell us about it”
NPC- Tell me, was it by my actions that the wardstones came to falli?”
“when i was young i was to be raised as first of my order. but i was foolish, a demon disguised as a angel deceived me. told me i could take the power of the wardstone on myself and with enough power would be able to end the threat once and for all. the wardstones were weakened, but men of great power were able to restore them. for my failure, i was sentenced to guard this tunnel in that life and the next”
aldrick “these men, who were they?”
“there names have passed beyond history. they were there at the right time when they were needed.”
aldrick “what of arodus?”
“i do not know what befell his fate. in the days before my failure, our commander had become reclusive. the loss of his children weighed heavily on him. but enough talk has passed, if the sword of valor you seek, i fear it is too late, for i have not felt its presence in some time. the creatures under the mountain, the dark dwarves, i fear have done something”
aldrick-”if you could tell us of its last location, that might be of assistance”
“in the past it hung in the Chapel of Iomedae, kept safe in a secret vault within, but during the fall i know not where it ended”
“the citadel was designed by men, but built by dwarves in the fashion of the sky-citadels. narrow halls, highly defensible, with forges and hidden stores below. These were well hidden, the only one i was aware of was off the main planning room, hidden in the officers’ quarters.”
“it appears my penance has come to an end. good luck on your mission, may your minds remain strong in the face of the guile of the enemy. do not let your human impulses overcome you. good luck.” fades away (Removes negative energy)

crawl into crypt, no back; narrow passage behind; follow for a while to stairs
dead soldier stuck in secret door; deceased remains of dretch on ground in crypt
exit chamber into hallway of burial chambers, stairs leading up; lined by armor (ceremonial)
rotten wooden door at top of stairs; enter into small ruined chapel – totally desecrated; dead knight (heavy armor, tower shield w/ nailed corpse, crucified on shield); missing part of roof
sounds of tieflings and carrion birds in distance
Lann very emotional at sights of horror

can see training compounds, stables, barracks
citadel is still intact, but back two towers are damaged (one completely collapsed, other partially collapsed)
Aldrick puts on Collar of Silence, activate; hear haunting voices, howling
walk precisely to ruins, birds notice us, but no other reactions
open door to first barrack (house 25, probably 50-75 living within) disgusting, filthy; cross barracks; stride purposefully and confidently to next barrack
small cluster of birds now circling us
next barracks, has human hides piled to side
very few guards on walls, mostly went to slaughter humans
damaged tower easy to climb, can get into wall
fresh blood on walls, corpses dropped (knights of kenabres)
Hear Lucius in head, “there is something in the ruins”
move up to ruined tower, can see bug-chimera sleeping
renli drink potion of bulls strength
party sneaks into ruins, preparing to engage creature; artie to 2nd level, others below
chimera wakes up, sees baron issen, lets out roar, but no sound

CHIMERA- unleashes cone of cold at party, hitting aldrick, renli, lucius
ALD- shoots xbow, no hit
LUC- drink potion of bulls strength, move up
REN- move through ruin, strike chimera twice with smite
ART- shoots, hits with 1 arrow
CHIMERA- 2 bite, 1 claw on renli – miss; 1 bite, 1 claw on lucius – 1 claw hit

CHIMERA- 1 bite renli hit;
LUC- with wrath of (deity), inner fury, misses then hits
REN- hits twice more with Radiance
ART- shoots, hits once, but shaking of tower limits ability to make future attacks (fumble)
CHIMERA- multiple bites, renli turns away one; lucius gored; renli clawed, lucius clawed

CHIMERA- attacks artie multiple times, 1 hit; claws renli, lucius; draws artie into maw, starts crushing, artie hanging on for dear life (0 hp)
ALD- drinks healing potion
LUC- fury of (deity), cleaves creature in twain!




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