The Wrath of the Righteous

A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal

The Worldwound Incursion Session XV

I supposed the trials come in waves… I assume… I hope. Because if they weren’t trials, well then… I’m in major denial. So passing the bleakly crucified through the land bridge, the mountains of bodies in the Hall of Heroes (which should aptly be named the Hall of the Dead), and the endless rubble mounts and colossal defecations of the tainted of the Worldwound, we happened along sneaking closer our destination of the Gray Garrison. Of course, the biggest obstacle thus far to all the venturing was the grotesquely (and quite enormous) centipede.

Black and chitinous, writhing and skittering slowly toward us as we apparently sought it out. The Asmodean releases a prayer to the ether. And of course, the human pillar just HAS to antagonize the monstrous vermin by hurling a javelin between its plates. It stuck in as the thing howled out in a two-toned discordant scream. Seranrae bless the road a walk on because as the vermin writhed… a humanish head appeared from its front end with a mouth separated by outstretched mandibles. In retaliation, it vomited a swarm of like kind centipedes by the cart full. All of which began making their sickening way to us.

Everyone trying their best to ready against the large vermin… but large… large is large. It was COLOSSAL. A body a building span that scaled the great walls of a 2-3 story building with ease, it was simply a pinnacle of species development. . Unfortunately, that paragon multi-legged spawn of the Rough Beast is more nimble than originally anticipated. First, the swarm begins crawling over Renli. Then, the monster rips into Lucious with its face pincers and its tail filled with a deadly poison hits me… and instantly I feel… not so well. As I’m trying to ignite the swarm, the rest are doing their best to bring it down. Even Milo was hopping around like a hare. Unfortunately, giving the finishing blow to the minion of the Rough Beast, Milo set off a alchemical reaction somewhere in the blasted thing and it exploded viciously.

Rustling everyone up I stave off the brushes if death with some of these die hards. They run over like they were going to bash in the door… but after some verbal persuasion they stop, look for things that may make them go boom like at the Pathfinder Lodge, and THEN they bashed in the door. The Garrison is dark and filled with the sounds of gambling drunken men to our left and nothing to the right.

With a zealous deathwish, Lucious kicks down the door, Yells at the top of his lungs that they’re all going to die… blah blah blah… justice served… boredum. But the sounds of what happened…. that’s different. The room fell silent when they heard the call. Then, darkness. The single light source blown out from the rooms interior, the archer Artie fired arrows so large they could be mistaken as small trees. Between him and Lucious, they had thing well underway. Hearing the door close on the opposite side of the room and the seenless slaughter coming from inside. Artie and I begin taking a different route…followed by that deluded tagalong Asmodean.

Swing into the right door, we come across the Witchhunters base and shrine in this great establishment. Dark, dismal, depressing… no wonder why that man has problems. I built a torch and soon the sounds of taunt and bees came from the what seemed to be many rooms away. Opening the next door, my “companions” are running down toward the basement. With the swarm of bees now in view, I run to the small space available and shut the door.

The basement is no better. Poor light, odds sounds, and putrid stenches. Of course following a putrid stench would be those Dretches people talk about. I haven’t examined on up close… and nor did I want too, but they secreted the noxious gas which cause havoc, panic, and nauseated just about everyone. Of course holding your breath helps. Beyond the Dretches, maggoty corpses sauntered over from opposite sides of the stone corridors. And thank you Seranrae for sending Artie my way because he shot those Vessel Corpses right off me.

The basement is essentially a prison… with malnourished and desperate people beaten bloody and let to rot in a cell. Now… how do I get these people out and running without raising the Law Alarm…



Good write up, but I still don’t get the title…

A Time to Heal

Me Neither.

A Time to Heal
Bondoid Bondoid

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