The Wrath of the Righteous

There Be Ants in my Armor!

There Be Ants in my Armor!

The Sword of Valor Session XIII

- Aftermath of the battle with the Summoner and Incubus and horned demon
- found Anievia and saved her from a demon ritual
- move back through the town to the army
- Renli mounts the head of the demon on a long spear
- Lucious calls out a mighty battle cry against the Sarkorian army battling our men and they scatter, their spirits broken
- Lucious and Aldrick find a letter from Vain to the Summoner chief indicating he was in charge of them
- Aldrick placed the head of the chief in Nora’s (god-caller) tent and cast a spell on it so that it emitted a hellish light
- Nora tells me in confidence that the Stormfather demands vengeance and I agree he shall have it
- a storm comes in the evening, though it seems to be a calm storm
- Starts raining, but it is raining blood
- Blood rain is an ill omen => the Stormfather bleeds
- On the watch at night, something tampers with the water barrels
- Animal paw prints are found heading into the ruins of the town
- Next morning, troops are gathered at the ruins of a shrine to a local saint, saint Susan
- Renli offers an inspiring speech, filling all with courage
- The army moves on toward Dresen
- Now moving into the canyon which used to be a mighty river
- In the canyon, Milo and Teer scout ahead
- Discover the skeleton of a massive linnorm (dragon type creature; primitive dragon with no wings)
- The captain decides that this skeleton offers some shelter and a defensible position. Camp is made within it.
- I scout ahead further climbing up the canyon wall to cover more ground along our route
- Large borrows exist along the canyon walls not far from camp
- Could be unusual sized vermin
- At night, multiple ant swarms and over sized ants as big as dogs attack the camp
- We take some losses as men are dragged off but we manage to beat them back
- They took some of our food stores and it is decided that as we are food, they will likely be back in numbers
- We must kill the queen




Bondoid CoreyLynch

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