The Wrath of the Righteous

Big Trouble in Little Neathholm

Big Trouble in Little Neathholm

The Worldwound Incursion Session IV

Seer’s Room

I came back to myself within the chambers of the Seer, alone, lying upon his bed. My head was filled with a dream or perhaps it is better to call it a vision. A vision complete in all its detail, but one I found impossible to focus on. Even now if I were to try it would shatter just outside my grip, and I would see only glimpses. Something I attempted for several minutes in either case while laying there regaining my strength. It did not take long for me to mark the effort as pointless and rise from the bed.

The Seer’s room had changed visibly from what I could only assume had been a short time ago. Everything had taken on an old unused quality, which was a staunch contrast from the sparse, but warm chamber of before. Many pieces of the furniture were covered in a layer of dust and webs hung on the walls. In reflection it would have perhaps been wise to search the old man’s chambers thoroughly, but I doubt he would have left much if anything behind. However, perhaps something was urging me to the door. I will admit he made me…uncomfortable and there were many questions he left unanswered, in time perhaps or perhaps he is finally dead and I will never know.

Shedding the useless thoughts I left the building heading back to my quarters. The street itself was quiet, all except for a commotion off in the distance. Ignoring that for the time being I found my path back easily. I am not certain how I knew the way, but the knowledge was there none the less. Approaching the door I could tell something was wrong. Two guards lay dead at the entrance and the sounds of fighting spilled from inside the large room. Casually I made my way towards the door only to find the room mostly empty of my associates. The woman, Anevia, was backed into a corner fighting against a single mongrelman and defending the other two useless fools. Well at least the old man has some knowledge, if you can ever get him to focus. The fat merchant only had a shallow cut and it unfortunately was not across his throat. His death would have made his promise easier to ignore.

I stood in the doorway taking in the scene and weighing my option. After a moment I decided the woman would be slightly more useful alive. She had already killed one of the two attackers after all and that at least counted in her favor. Stepping into the room I dispatched the last attacker with ease and aided the woman with some restorative agents. Our ‘healer’ is a untrustworthy buffoon, but his creations are not all that bad.

Strange Vision

With the woman mended, and not a single word of gratitude from the bitch, I learned the rest had left when they heard fighting from the docks and people screaming in the streets. I commanded the three to pack up their things and be ready to leave in case it became worse. Moving to ready my equipment I noticed someone had rifled through it. A quick inventory of what was missing easily betrayed the most likely culprit, and that is when it hit me. I saw my hands digging through my bag and taking my missing items. For a moment I was confused before I realized those were not my hands and they wore a ring I did not own, but seemed familiar. As quickly as it came the vision vanished and I was left stunned. Again I was left wondering what had happened to me, but again I did not have the time to dwell on it. The sounds of men were growing closer.

Reinforcing my order of making ready to leave, I left the building to see what was coming. Out on the street I encountered Renli rushing toward the center of the town so I followed. After some time it was apparant he was heading toward the main hall of Chief Sull. I would later discover that there had been a battle at the docks which had drawn the Chief’s guards and left him unprotected. However, at the time I followed the halfling into the main hall where we found the Chief sitting in his chair. Of course the man was dead, only fools would have hoped otherwise, with three of Wendaug’s arrows protruding from his chest. Not wanting to be shot Renli and I hugged the walls under the upper catwalks searching for Wendaug himself.

Neathholm Ablaze

After a few seconds the rest of the men entered the building, which was precisely when another arrow struck the Chief and set half the building to flame. Wendaug closed his trap by setting the entrance alight hoping to burn us all to death. Fortunately the man was not as cleaver as he thought for there were too many exits for most of us. Hell take me, Lucius did not even seem to be bothered by the flames and the smaller of the two haflings, Milo, just jumped out of a window. Leaving the task of finding Wendaug to Renli and the big brute, Teer, I went to retrieve my family’s banner. If the building was going down there was no reason my family’s crest should go with it.


The Inheritor

Valor, Rulership, Justice,


Predictable as always Renli and Teer climbed to the catwalks and charged an indistinct smudge they believed to be Wendaug. Teer received a nearly mortal wound for his trouble from the smudge, but he did succeed in revealing Wendaug for the rest of us. I am told then, for I was stowing my family’s banner and did not see it, that Renli charged Wendaug and tumbled off the catwalk with him. I will not deny the halfling has determination even if it is a bit reckless. I am sure it is something that can be pushed in the right direction. Wendaug must have realized his defeat since he attempted to stand his ground. We quickly surrounded and killed the man, Lann delivering the final stroke.

With Wendaug’s death the conflict was finished and we left the burning hall before we were all consumed. As we stood there looking back into the building it was an effort to keep my features smooth, but I was able to manage. Wendaug may have been an Abyss tainted bastard, but he did have a flair for the dramatic. Nothing left to do we returned to our chamber with an invite from Lann to join him at the Chief’s ceremony in the morning. It was then I leaned the events after my departure.

Fog Covered Neathholm

The men were surprised to notice that I was gone and may have been gone for sometime. They believed I perhaps had cast some powerful magic on them to make them forget my departure. This of course was ridiculous as they had all seen me leave. We came to the conclusion it must have been the Seer or perhaps his masked companion as I do not possess such powers. In reflection perhaps I should have let them believe I am capable of such things; however, it is done and may have made things more difficult. It was during this argument, and theft of my possessions, that the screaming started.


The guards at the door did not detain the men when they attempted to leave and ascertain what was happening in town. Apparently they were alive at the time. It did not take the men long to discover the problem, as mongrelfolk were running around clawing at their faces and fighting unseen assailants. Many lay dead on the streets bearing no discernible wounds, but a few scratches. More shouting came from the direction of the docks, which were now completely shrouded in a thick layer of mist, and they charged in believing a Basidirond had decided to attack the town.

Smoke in a Bottle

Within the mist they were met by a group of mongrelfolk soldiers who came to investigate. Fanning out they searched the docks for the creature. Not finding any sign of the Basidirond some moved out to docks. It was there Teer discovered an empty bottle with a few remaining wisps of smoke trailing out from the top. It was painfully obvious to me what was to come next, but unfortunately my voice of reason was not their to aid them, and they fell easily into the enemies trap.

A horn sounded within the mist and most of the mongrelfolk turned to attack the men. Their attacks spared no one not even fellow mongrelfolk as they attempted to kill my allies and loyal guards of Neathholm. The men dispatched the threat and the true nature of the attack finally dawned on them. Renli raced off to check on the safety of Chief Sull, which where I met him.

Asmodean Monograph

Story completed I decided not waste anymore time and demanded the foolish healer return my belongings. As is typical with his inferior nature, he attempted lie, poorly. It was obvious he would be the only one interested in the reagents I collected, ignoring the fact that he wore the very ring I saw in my vision. Still spewing out some nonsense I ignored the man and turned to Lucius and made a formal complaint of theft. Lucius, as expected from a honorable man, ordered the peasant to return my things. I was rather disappointed that the witch hunter gave the scum three chances to return my belongings, which he finally did. I will have to watch the witch hunter closer for he seems to have a bit of a soft streak. I judged the man to be nothing but cold iron and was looking forward to the deserved whipping. However, I was incorrect again as no whipping occurred; either way it is better this way. I can use this softness if needed, but I doubt it will be necessary. Lucius I think is the only one of these fools who truly understands what this war will take to win, and it will be a lot more than just self sacrifice.


Prince of Hell

Tyranny, Slavery, Pride, Contracts

The First

Lucius at the time had seized my journal and monograph, which he returned once realizing what it was. He kept the journal for further study, but that is of little consequence and I am sure it will be returned in the morning. Laying down for rest I reflect back on the day and the Seer. Both sides lost warriors this day, but perhaps Chaos lost more. I suppose we will only truly know the toll once we reach the surface and Kenabres. Lann says he will have us lead out tomorrow so we shall know soon enough.

As I close my eyes for sleep the image paints itself across my vision in exquisite detail, and I finally release the smile I have been holding since I turned to see His omen. The Seer’s words…that damn old man’s words had shadowed me with doubt; doubt, that was scourged away when I turned to peer into the inferno of the Chief’s hall and witness His omen…“Burn you traitorous bitch! Burn and be cleansed in the fires of Hell! Hail to the One! Hail to the First! Hail to the Prince of Darkness, Asmodeus!”

pentagram.gif Aldrick


I am guessing you did not sense the sarcasm hahahaha!

Big Trouble in Little Neathholm
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