The Wrath of the Righteous

Bloody Murder in the Night

Bloody Murder in the Night

The Sword of Valor Session XV

Riftstorm: haziness, ants pouring out (material plane, abyss fully overlap; short time, appear, pass; can be permanent rifts – corrupts something in area, anchors in one place)
Lath attends to slide down beside Artie; falls down slippery path, knocks Lucius down hill as well (lath on ground, lucius standing)
Aldrick sets rope, starts to proceed down
Ants half surge forward at Artie, Lucius, Lath (others stayback and protect “large creature); wasp hits Artie, soldiers grapple Lath
Renli dives down hill while calling on his faith to protect him
Lucius attacks wasp, hitting (14 dmg); it releases pheremone enraging the other wasps; also compels us to soldier on (extra move action)
Artie shoots more ants
Lath attempts to break grapple, fails
Aldrick slowly makes his way down slippery hill
Ants pin Lathander, start to drag away, Aldrick commands him to be free; swarm overruns Artie and Lucius, wasp and ants close in attack more; Wasp viciously stings Artie, gouging his chest,dropping him unconscious into the mass of ants; ant takes a chunk out of Lucius’ leg
Renli blesses Artie with life and strikes at the nearby wasp; Aldrick compels him to “stop being lazy, get up”
Lucius cuts down the wasp wounded by Artie earlier; compels us to push forward
Artie slashes from ground with longsword unsuccessfully
Lathander calls on his faith in Saranrae to guide a massive healing bomb onto Artie, splashing all nearby
Aldrick lets out an unholy prayer to Asmodeus, empowering us to fight bugs
Ants continue to lash out; regrapple Lath, fail on Artie, swarm runs up Renli, Aldrick
Knocking continues under stone (artie thinks below queen)
Renli kills wasp, moves out of swarm toward Lath
Lucius steps into flank on ant, attacks, killing
Artie rises from swarm, steps out, shoots mass
Lath continues to be grappled
Aldrick unleashes soundburst , killing swarm and stunned ants grappling Lath
ANTS surge forward, back row moves as though commanded
Renli slaughters wasp, steps forward
Lucius hits the other wasp
Artie shoots multiple arrows into last swarm, klling it
Lathander flies to side of room
Aldrick calls on essence of Archons to menace ants
ANTS charge forward, attempt at massive push; 4 hit lucius wounding heavily, 3 try to take down renli but fail, Queen moves forward, grapples Lath, wounding him grievously
The knock in the ground gets really loud
(BACK AT CAMP) Milo eating scorpion, sees millions of ants falling down cavern side – mil i a bitch
REnli hits 2 more ants, killing one
Lucius attacks wasp, kills it
Artie shoots multiple arrows at queen, wounding
Lath throws grenade down queen’s gullet
Aldrick soundbursts and stuns ants, wounding Renli again……….
ANTS stunned, Queen drops Lath, charges Artie and grapples him
Renli kills several ants
Lucius kills ant, steps up to queen
Breaking out of the mandibles of the Queen, Artie unleashes a host of arrows at into the queen’s face, killing it
Lath yells grenade, pulls back Lucius
Aldrick moves back
Ants go crazy, attacking each other and players randomly
Renli walks toward haziness, drinking potion of healing, sees cracking ground
Lucius approaches, switched judgment
Artie “that knocking sound is coming from beneath the queen, and the ground is cracking”
Queen explodes from bomb, Lath ‘killed’
Aldrick pours cure light into Lath, bringing back to life
KNOCK on ground, bigger cracks
Renli casts Bulls Strength
Lucius casts Dimensional Anchor on cursed stalagmite, delay, then pulses and starts to fade (SUCCESS – DP used)
Artie heals self
Lath downs cure mod, stands up
Ground caves in, horrific grub-ant-clawed-demon-woman-face creature (LARVA QUEEN); ants and humanoids in back section of abdomen (sounds like chorus of spring peepers/crickets – confusion)
Renli pushes toward beast, slashed with mandible, Calls on might of Iomedae, slashes righteously
Lucius, battle brother, steps up beside Renli and unleashes another attack
Artie shoots multiple arrows at beast, wounding
Lath throws bomb blessed with the light of Saranrae, wounding and staggering
Aldrick casts Burst of Radiance on Larva Queen, stone (blinded 4 rounds, wounded)
Blind & STaggered, the Queen blasts cone of acid at party, hitting all except Renli
Renli looks down, sees ants flooding out of Queen. Calling on my Righteous blessing, unleashing barrage of wounds (44+24+33+24 = 125 dmg) slaughtering it
The Larva Queen collapses back, tumbling down into pit
Artie goes to explore lower chamber
Renli smashes stone with 2 swings of construct bane warhammer
Lath examines shard of stone, has bug inside – abyssal larva
Lath destroys abyssal larva with holy bomb
check corpse, layer
depart tunnels
Hear commotion from camp, see scorpion burning
men arguing
Lucius “Discipline!”; men snap into line (both human and mongrelman) but one mongrelman glares with demonic eyes, hisses. Lucius slaps across face, mongrelman shakes off possession. Has ‘remnants of evil” on him. “My apologies sir, I do not know what came over me”.
Edores, Lann, Renli, and Lucius – in Edores’ tent discuss corruption, scene of scorpion burning, feral nature in combat, corrupt meat?, edores “one army, if they cant eat, we cant eat”, need to be vigilant, Lucius offers to ease the rest of 12 of the mongrelfolk most affected
Aldrick arrives, Edores informs of him of “Jerry Littlefinger”’s outspoken nature
Aldrick “i want some assurances that we will get into the city”
Lann “my kin have become more aggressive, but I can keep them focused on the task at hand”
Lath “you stole my silver!”
Aldrick “the key to our entrance is to use that which we sleep under”
Renli “bones?” Aldrick “yes, bones, a most formidable creature”
Scene – debate – 3 extreme no (milo, renli, lath), 1 strong doubt (lucius), 1 soft no (artie)
Renli considers Cloak, turns dark gray
Aldrick “My Iomedae preserve all your Souls”
12 mongrelfolk join with Lucius, offer sincere prayers and ask for guidance, keep them safe, restful at night
3 dead human soldiers in tent, clawed apart viciously (they are the 3 Asmodites)
witness begins to panic, blames mongrelfolk, I step to him, place hand on shoulder and speak to that we are all brethren, and this is clearly the work of a demon from outside the camp, we will find it and bring it to justice (diplomacy 35 plus aura, calmd)
thank you lord renli, i know you will find it
Lucius detects Aura of Chaos, creature came into camp, tore apart 3 asmodites, then left heading north
Aldrick walks out of Godcaller’s tent, torches it
Edores “she left to scout ahead”
Concerned Nora perpetrated it
Later, Renli speaks to army to calm concerns, bring together
About to leave, Nora returns
“Who burned down my tent?” to Lucius “Inquisitor, I am sure you will see the perpetrators brought to justice, or is that only for your countryman?”
Lucius “Of course. In addition, there were 3 murders last night.”

Nora (how could he know that? wait, she couldn’t be involved, no..)
Nora gives report to Edores, landscape is nothing hospitable, a couple ambush points but no sign of ambushes
Nora, “which one of your pets were murdered? Hahahaha, not your pets? The world will be a better place because of this.”
Nora ill at ease trying to dismiss knowledge of wounds ~ clearly has knowledge of something

On the road to Drezen



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