The Wrath of the Righteous

Caravan Wreck

Caravan Wreck

The Demon’s Heresy V
WotR L

The battle rages and Aldrick is awesome.

Renli abandons all hope and us.

The Gatling gun popped up from the ground took down two Gorthek’s with ease. The Gatling gun then dropped again and then was healed by Lath and back up to kill some more. Artie and Lucius slaughtered. They continue to slaughter while Aldrick gives Artie the gift of pain…that also heals. Then on come the chariots of doom. Lucius jumped onto one and killed the two remaining demon spawn orcs, calmly stepping off as it flies by Artie. The Gatling gun put several arrows into another beast causing the vehicle to careen off to the side. Aldrick being the most useful easily dispatched the other two chariots. Aldrick creates an A10 Warthog. The fiendish orcs from the wagon drew closer, but were quickly dispersed by Lathander’s furry from above.

As the battle started to come to a close a sinister laughter breaks through all our thoughts and then a voice speaks directly into our minds. The voice gave us two options: to either submit and kneel as slaves, or have our souls ripped from our bodies for eternal suffering. The A10 answers, his defiance piercing through the bodies of four fiendish orcs. Lathander kneelt Then bursting from the ground, the demon and his gigantic beetle spray acid at Lucius and Lathander. Kalavakus tried to wrack Aldrick with pain, which Aldrick easily shrugged off. Aldrick responds by calling lawful wraith down upon the demon making him stagger. The A10 quickly put down the demon before he had a chance to respond, but then Lathander healed the demon…enough said. Upon waking from deaths door he enslaved Lathander. The A10 and Aldrick quickly put the demon down once again. Lucius ended the battle by cleaving the beetle in twain.

When the battle came to an end the Red Water tribe came out of the darkness to greet us. They are in awe of Aldrick’s power. The awe was so strong that they were in terror and accused us of trying to use them to attack their leader and kill their people. Aldrick convicted them we only sough strong allies…servants whatever.

pentagram.gif Aldrick


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