The Wrath of the Righteous

Corruption of Lucius: Death of a People

Corruption of Lucius: Death of a People

The Demon’s Heresy V

We entered the abandoned clan hold that due to some trick of the Worldwound always appeared to be smoldering. Off in the distance we heard the echoes long since dead men screaming of their long since insignificant deaths. Lathander is scared of such screams and put in ear plugs so he could not hear them. This unfortunately does nothing for us in dampening out his incessant dribble. Forward thinking as always, I offered a solution to out pace any pursuers, but we instead argued about the cultist. I do not recall the details, but I am sure Lathander said something foolish about murder as he is wont to do. As if the defending ones person against barbarians could be murder. It was all ridiculous as to my understanding a good tavern killing was typical affair to such people. After all they do chose to live, and die, in the Worldwound. Understandably bored of this Artie entered the clan hold to take a look around.

The clan hold seemed to be locked in a time immediately after it was set ablaze. The visibility was poor due to the smoke and we could hear flames off in other parts of the building. Artie believed that each room would likely be very different depending on its place in time, and visibility would likely change from chamber to chamber. We all soon entered the clan hold and began looking around. Lucius peaked into the courtyard and saw a massive pile of bones that appeared to be demon bones. The courtyard itself appeared to be mostly devoid of smoke and fire. Lathander noticed that the bones near the top were newer than the ones on the bottom. Lucius walked into the courtyard.

In the center of the courtyard atop the pile of bones Lucius noticed their was a throne. The throne appeared to be empty for all but Lucius who could see a man sitting in the throne. From the look of the man he was clearly dead and from the fangs pointing out his mouth Lucius believed him to be a powerful vampire. Lucius informed us subtly and Lathander went to find Artie in another room. Hearing the news Artie moved toward another entrance that led to the courtyard. He was quickly overcome by an illusionary haunt that caused the room to ignite and burned Artie as he bursted through the courtyard door. We all entered the courtyard and the man spoke. He claimed to have a pact with the demons to keep his people safe and that he heared their death cries cursing out our names. He wanted answers and as he requested it the pile of bones of began to ripple. He claimed that we killed his children and that we had broken his pact to leave his children alone. It seemed that he was inferring the pact was not only with the demons but with the crusaders as well. Lathander foolishly asked what happened to the clan hold and it angered the vampire. He tells of how his entire clan was murdered and burned, which to me sounded like justice had been served. The conversation built as the vampire wanted us to submit ourselves to his children for judgement. Lucius refused and promised his own judgement…destruction!

Thinking quickly I used my magic to make the vampire visible. The mass of bones shot forth a bone cage to encompass Lucius, which I freed him from. Lathander finally became useful and healed Artie after a solid minute of the man bleeding all over the ground. The bone golem was apparently immune to magic and Artie could still not decide whether or not he wanted to join the fight. The vampire summoned several swarms of bats which Artie quickly dispersed. Lathander woke up and realized we were fighting a vampire. The vampire attempted to take over Artie’s mind, but he shrugs it off. That in turn engaged Gatling gun Artie and the bone golem died. The bones crumbled onto the vampire and we lost sight of him. I shook the bones with a powerful spell and revealed that the vampire had turned into gas. He then formed next to Artie and the battle continued, but ultimately finished by Artie. Finally the vampire disappeared within the bone pile.

We then argued about what to do with the vampire now that we had killed it and it had returned to its home. Bertrand mentioned there was once a mausoleum in the center of the fountain within the courtyard. We at least decided to blow up the bone pile covering the mausoleum. Once done and inside we discovered a rift portal taking up the entire interior of the mausoleum, but no tomb of the vampire.

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