The Wrath of the Righteous

Dominance, Delight & Detonation

Dominance, Delight & Detonation

The Sword of Valor Session XI

Fire. If not for all that damned fire… I’m still at a loss, I’m not quite sure how he managed, but we should have been able to take that tiefling magic-user without it coming to that. And that blasted halfling was nowhere to be seen either – he could have swung the tide. Teer was on the brink of dying. We let our hatred for those who have turned overcome us. We were reckless, overconfident even? No… we have the ability… it must be the blasted influence of the Worldwound. I hit him through a tiny crack – I heard him shriek when I did – but still it wasn’t enough. The four arrows peppering the side of the wagon should have found their mark too. If they had we wouldn’t have gone through this, wasted all that time…

But what’s done is done, our companions came to our aid and we managed to escape with our lives while dispatching the wretched abomination. It’s nice to be back in camp if even for a short spell. They say we weren’t out for long, but it feels like a long time to me. The city of Keeper’s Canyon lies ahead… well, what’s left of it anyway… inhabited by the enemy. It is our destination tomorrow, and men will likely die. Cayden I thank you for this wineskin, even though the liquid within leaves something to be desired, it certainly works in situations like these. Now, to the matter of my usefulness… I need a few more arrows, time to see what I can scrounge this evening…

We are all off doing our own thing. Lathander is consumed with his alchemy. Aldrick wanders off, likely up to no good. Lucius and Renli are making their rounds of the men – the former scrutinizing, the latter inspiring. The dynamic is still amazing, how they both worship Iomadae yet approach their worship in completely differnt manners.

[Aldrick had headed out to visit Nora, the Sarkorian guide. Not finding her present, he made himself comfortable in her tent with a chair of his own creation. He rummaged through her things to find a religious codex of sort, with rituals of summoning. As he starts examining it she bursts in, threatening to kill him for violating her space. He honestly tells her he is there to learn of her craft, and reveals we are after the god caller “Berrexi”. She knows of him, but is still upset with Aldrick and demands he leave. He does, but not before threatening to torture her. A runner finds him shortly after he exits, telling him Lucius has asked for his presence…]

[Lucius is on his rounds and with his abilities sees evil coming from a tent. He grabs a sentry, and sends him to fetch Aldrick and Renli. Naturally he investigates without waiting, and hears infernal chanting to Asmodeus. He barges in, startling three soldiers worshiping by a flickering candle with a pentagram. One tries to draw his weapon and gets kicked to the ground by Lucius’ boot. The leader attempts to start erasing things. Lucius demands to know what is going on. He pulls a book away from the leader, but the leader protests. He is allowed to worship Asmodeus. Lucius doesn’t argue, but instead raises his voice to his typical bellow, demanding they worship in the open so they can be watched! They run out of the tent into the night, frightened by the inquisitor.]

Guess I’m going to have to be a little conservative and use my powers. Arrows are hard to come by, but as long as I have a handful I can keep this interesting. What the hell is all that commotion, sounds like Lucius again… Yep, three men running out of a tent, they must have been talking funny. Hmm… he’s holding a book of sorts, and there’s the other halfing – much more reliable. Think I’ll stay here in listen in. Asmodeus? Aldrick? Gaining influence? They sound genuinely concerned…

And speak of the devil… yes, I just said that… here comes Aldrick now. And there goes Lucius, all high-and-mighty again, demanding that Aldrick stop spreading his influence, blah blah. Aldrick claims he has not preached about Asmodeus, but can’t help if the soldiers are in awe of his power. I must admit, this guy is pretty smooth. I suggest if they want to then let Aldrick guide them, to at least keep them from getting utterly corrupted. Renli grabs Lucius and pulls him aside to talk, game planning a common approach? I think I’ll get a little closer and see if I can hear what they’re talking about…

I guess I didn’t need to, now Lucius is bellowing again – this time at Renli. These guys are creating quite the scene now. I look over at Aldrick, who’s expression hasn’t changed much. Soldiers are starting to gather… this is not good… “What’s all that racket! Heads will roll for this!” Suddenly Eddoras barges by, stopping when he sees who is causing all the noise. It’s then that I catch it, the scent of alcohol on his breath. Any of Cayden’s people would have caught that. He demands they calm down, that it’s not good for the men. Lucius and Renli seem humbled a bit. Edoras then wheels and starts to walk off, but talks to Aldrick for a bit. Renli and Lucius resume their conversation, but on a much more civil tone until a quick raise in voice at the very end… wonder what that was about. I think they can tell Eddoras was drinking… neither of them will like that much. No bother, the camp has settled down so it’s time to head to bed…

[Renli and Lucius both seek out Eddoras, but his sentries say he is not to be disturbed. They are concerned about his drinking, and they discuss a plan to address it in the morning.]

Now what’s that racket. Awaken from a sound sleep, only to hear… moaning… what the hell? Sounds like these guys are getting off… well, that’s the Worldwound for you… back to sleep. In the morning a few of the group realize the incubus may have been responsible for the events of the night… to try and wear the army down before we engage their forces. Luckily none of us were affected.

[Renli tries to put his plan in motion with Eddoras, but Eddoras refuses to leave the proximity of the tent, so Renli addresses the drinking. Eddoras assures him he’s focused on the coming battle, but he is concerned about the lack of scouts. Renli echoes the concern, especially with the scouting disaster of the day before.]

The group gathers after breakfast, a little sullen, knowing what the day will bring. The topic quickly shifts to scouting. I volunteer to go it alone, I know the land better and can stay quieter, plus without Teer to jump the gun I can avoid combat or fight it at long range – no need to get close. But the others show concern, and we decide to move together, with me just a few hundred feet ahead and the others able to provide support quickly, rather than being a long distance away. So the task is to get eyes on the city, and we quickly set out while the army breaks camp.

As we move ahead, I notice the river has really receded here. The West Sellen is a shadow of what it once was, especially since the Ahari stopped flowing in. Keeper’s Canyon sits at the confluence on both sides of the Ahari gorge, a perfect strategic spot. So hopefully this isn’t a bad trap, because it could get pretty nasty if that’s the case. Speaking of a trap, I think that’s a sentry on the bluff there…

I take cover behind some large rocks in the riverbed and motion for the others to stop. I sit waiting, pacing his scan pattern. I peek up again, and sure enough it’s a sentry. A large Sarkorian similar to Teer, but clearly twisted. The odd part is he’s standing somewhat in the open, as if daring someone to attack him. A sentry and a warning device of sorts? Looks like he has a horn too. I better head back and confer with the others so this doesn’t end up like last time…

But there is little else we can come up with, nobody disagrees with my assumptions so we decide to lure him down and see if we can possibly have Teer stand in his place. I maneuver the group to my previous position then throw a rock into some loose stones on the bank while he’s not watching. He hears it and looks intently, saying something but it’s hard to hear. He appears to be talking to someone nearby, so there are at least two of them. But after a short while he shrugs and goes back to scanning, so I throw another rock…

That got his attention, he’s almost shouting now. Come down here moron… now he’s.. grabbing his crotch? I can’t hide the large grin on my face… should I? Nah, it would blow the plan… But… he’s still going… too tempting… and I have to prove I can hit something that is certainly smaller than that hole in the side of the wagon yesterday… Why not, Cayden would enjoy this… BULLSEYE!

Two arrows rain down in response, striking me as my target howls in pain and staggers. My companions jump to action, Lucius striking one of the bowmen wiht his crossbow. I move further out from cover and let loose, hitting the big Sarkorian again. Aldrick creates a magical weapon which strikes the beast and he falls. More arrows come my way, then one of the bowmen scurries to his fallen comrade, clearly after the horn. Renli blasts him with a couple arrows, Lathander lobs an ineffective alchemical device, I hit him again, but not enough. Aldrick manages to take him down. The last bowmen then moves over, forsaking an attack to get the warning off. The horn is sounded… so be it. I slam four arrows into him, and it’s the last breath he takes.

Quickly we climb the bluff, and there is the city before us. We thought we were further away, but clearly not. The city… if you can call it that… is mobilizing at the sound of the horn. We estimate there are around 150 soldiers among them, and we realize we need to figure out a way to even the odds. The remnants of the city and the old piers are twisted and wrecked, but some have been put to use as rudimentary defenses. Aldrick spots a leader of sorts and casts a spell, enraging him. I ponder launching a few volleys, but several twisted Sarkorian start in our direction, and we decide it’s time to fall back to the army and report.

Eddoras is happy to see us return, and even more so with the news that we were successful. Tactical discussion ensues, and we gravitate towards using black powder to reduce the defenses and even the odds. I volunteer a flaming arrow, Lathander keeps babbling, Aldrick offers magic, and a plan comes together. We’ll use a small force of the army to approach the defenses while Aldrick uses some magic to deflect arrows. Once we reach the defenses, Aldrick will then create a hole for the keg which will then be placed. The small force will pull back as the balance rush from out of sight on a cavalry charge. Perfectly timed, we will set off the keg and blow a hole in the defenses – hopefully catching a chunk of the enemy in the blast – just in time for the cavalry to charge in.

Once the hole in the defenses is exploited, our elite group will peel off. We have an incubus and a god caller to find – and Cayden willing some prisoners to free.



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