The Wrath of the Righteous

In the Name of the Law

In the Name of the Law

The Worldwound Incursion Session XIII


  • stabilize hosilla
  • search back office-letters-maps-messaging statue
  • find treatise by aravash narciso on soul binding martyred souls as power source for incredible magics
  • pack up important stuff into hole
  • put hosilla to the question/torture, knows little, her “husband” superior officer may know a lot more, also mentions Jesnah, perhaps faxxium’s sorcerer companion.
  • Learn Faxxium is at Grey Garrison, probably
  • Lathander and Artemis get into trouble with bloated zombie
  • pack up library into hole,
  • try out chalk room, person on other end, not an outsider, names Jaruunicka mysterious person/organization runs black-market of extremely illegal things, artifacts from worldwound etc. first real evidence of persons existence
  • tries to scry on us, unsuccessfully
  • lucius tries to get us much information as he can, but the person on the other end seems to know its a lark
  • Arueshalae is the name of Nocticula’s Butterfly
  • as we are leaving the dungeon, lucius remarks that we have one last taint of evil to clean up, to try to ease the others disagreement with this, offers its perhaps the only compassionate response.
  • demon-stitched bitch saves us the trouble of arguing by trying to kill us and silence us
  • its rough, but in the end we ruin her day
  • return to the eagle’s nest

  • exchange with guardsmen, upset over use of teleport
  • general discontent towards eribith, soldiers seem near mutiny, think that they are all dead, and question why magic isn’t being used to save them.
  • erebith in argument with Velsoon (or his men)
  • Erebith pissed off, but hears our report
  • conclude demons planning on mass murder, soul binding to corrupt wardstone.
  • Queen Galfreys army 2 days away, obvious trap!
  • erebith takes us to speak with Com. Orlun, leader of the Sentinels, would be Commander (as highest rank) but mortally wounded, body beyond repair with available magic
  • When we tell him what the enemy is planning he has heart attack, Lathander saves him
  • tells us about wardstone history
  • wardstones created through the use of soul binding to bind willingly (suicided) souls of powerful righteous men to power their incredible magic.
  • over time wardstones have weakened
  • ritual of sacrifice once every seven years, commander of sentinels gives life to “recharge” wardstones
  • recent decade, wardstones have been weakening quicker, sacrifice held every year
  • Orlun tells us of Altar of Sacrifice, a demi-plane, that connects all the wardstones. Having access to our wardstone in Kenabres gives them the ability to effect all wardstones through this altar of sacrifice.
  • we conclude better to have a breach in a wall, than no wall at all. We must recapture our wardstone, or destroy it.
  • Powerful magic item, no known way to destroy it, and doing so may cause reaction with other linked wardstones.
  • Orlun suggests we find a way to remove our wardstone from its link with the others.
  • Spells like Anti-Magic would work, but may not be available, and do not last long, bad solution
  • Orlun tells us that it was rumored that Aravash Narcisso had a Rod of Cancellation in the Blackwing Library, such an object should be able to cut our Wardstone from the Altar of Sacrifice.
  • Erebith has Aravash summoned to her chamber, we leave Orlun and head back
  • Erebith, finally fully steps up! takes charge!

  • We question Aravash, (who can now see), remains a pompous idiot, we struggle to get any truth out of him
  • finally he admits that he did have the Rod, but that he already surrendered it for the good of the Crusade.
  • he gave the Rod to Liotr, just days before shit went down. Liotr has been missing, gave order, during demon assault that essentially left city ripe for the taking.
  • we conclude he must be working with the enemy, lucius really pissed off!
  • Aravash thrown in the brig
  • Erebith’s staff translates dwarven message from statue
  • Lucius asks for permission to put Lt. Drake Malyce to the question, Liotr’s right hand man. Erebtih agrees
  • questions quickly reveal Malyce last seen in the mess hall.

  • arrive at mess hall, Malyce, on table addressing crowd, riling them up to turn against erebtih.
  • crowd in a near frenzy, dangerous situation.
  • try to get Malyce alone, Lucius succeeds in at least getting him off the table and talking quietly in a corner.
  • while Malyce’s men keep crowd (and group) back, Lucius sets his manacles on the table, and demands that Malyce turn himself in for questioning in regards to the apparent treason of his commanding officer, Liotr. Appeal to Malyce, as a responsible, competent, witch hunter with a good record, should get through this quickly, but surely he can see the need, Erebith needs to be certain of every ones loyalty…
  • Tension rises exponentially, crowd is dangerous, Aldrick takes table and reminds everyone of oaths in amazing speech
  • Malyce explodes, taunts Lucius, demands that Erebith is a false commander, Iomedae would never want us to die here for nothing.
  • Malyce and Lucius draw swords, neither wanting to strike the first blow, Lucius incredibly pissed off!
  • Lucius retorts, Slams Malyce for using the ladies name, while breaking the oaths he swore to her, long winded angry castigation results in Malyce catching on fire in evident Damnation from Iomedae (Huzzah Blistering Invective)
  • As he begs us to put out the fire, Lucius approaches and repeatedly slaps him into unconsciousness.
  • Mess Hall clears out, Malyces men and others run!

  • Bring Malyce to private stock room
  • question him
  • arrogant asshole fool
  • didn’t realize the harm he was causing
  • will not believe Liotr is probable traitor
  • was working at the behest of Sir Goodran Velsoon to stir up disorder
  • while obviously not true to his oaths, not an outright agent of the enemy
  • confirms Liotr had Rod of Cancellation. And that it is in Vault at Grey Garrison. Vault very secure by magic, but probably not against teleportation
  • bring malyce to Erebith and report, leave the scum for summary punishment (and probably execution!)
  • erebith commands us to get some rest, tomorrow will be big day. We have one day window to neutralize wardstone problem before army arrives ripe for slaughter.
  • she begins planning for offensive action using all remaining personal, even those not in eagles nest
  • Lucius and Aldrick go to temple of Iomedae. Lucius tells aldrick what he knows of St. Elvis (sp?), Lucius prays all night, over the horrors he committed today, and will commit in the morning.
  • Aldrick spends the night studying demonology and soul binding lore. Trying to find way to save wardstone (Or remake it if worst happens)
  • Lathander heads back to hospital with Artemis (Who he demands needs urgent care)

  • As Lucius prays and Aldrick reads…Ted the Burner Turner (witchhunter-companion of Malyce, woops loose end, lol) enters the chapel. Screams at Lucius to burn, then unleashes Fireball!

  • As Lathander tends to wounded Irabeth enters Hosptial demanding to know why she was summoned (Erebith doesn’t like being summoned by her underlings) She is executed! Knife through neck! Demon disguised as man standing behind her on the ceiling!

  • AHHHHH!!!! WTF!!!!



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