The Wrath of the Righteous

Incompetence and Division

Incompetence and Division, A Setback most Natural

The Sword of Valor Session VIII

Leave church of pharasma

Teer quickly locates the groups physical trail, but Lucius finds a different trai using his follow aura spell.“Stupid”

he believes something has tried to alter the physica trail to lead us astray.

Adrick becomes suggested by some unseen power. Convinced that Lucius is lieing, they argue.

Lucius catches a glimpse of some Fey creature hiding in the tree tops. Creature was invisible. It has chaotic aura, but not evil.

Lucius calls out, demands the creature show himself, but no response.

Several members of group are hit by tiny needles during the conversation.

The group decides to follow the Aura trail. After some time we find the physical trail again as well.

We hear a call for help in the distance, probably trap. But “stupid” good group members would not be satisfied without checking. So Lucius orders them to take a look.

Teer and Artemis scout out in the direction of the noise. They find a grove of sickly looking trees.

Lathander, perhaps not trusting Teer and Artemis to do the “good” Cough…foolish thing, runs off in that direction as well.

The trees try to entangle art and teer but they escape. As they leave, teer becmes suggested to bring Lathander into the grove.

The Pixie attacks, first animating a tree to keep us busy. Then fascinating many with a splash of pretty colors.

Artie and Tree go man to man. Tree starts to prove itself the better man.

Teer continues to grapple lathander, and lathander continues to escape.

Lucius interrupts a spell with his crossbow, and then charges the tree to give aid to Arty.

Aldrick casts a fog spell to hide us from the Fey creature’s spells.

Aldrick casts a spell to reveal invisibile creatures in the area.

The tree falls.

The pixie gets off a confusion spell on most people.

Arty drops the now revealed pixie in one round.

Lucius manacles himself and goes and sits in the fog, so as not to be a danger to others.



Bondoid CoreyLynch

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