The Wrath of the Righteous

No More Squawks for the Vroc

No More Squawks for the Vroc

The Sword of Valor Session XX

We killed the mythic creature and decided where to go next. From the ghost below we learned that there was a hidden vault off of the main chapel within the citadel. He believed that was where the sword of valor had been kept. As he mentioned though it had been a long time since he last sensed the artifact. We decided to head into that direction to check the hidden vault first. It is assumed that the durgar may have discovered it. Also we believed they were trying to perform some kind of ritual with crusaders so it was possible they were trying to corrupt the banner. The corridors were narrow and there were many choke points and arrow slits from within. It had the feel of disuse, but not filth. There were constant reminders of the crusader’s defeat and the demon’s victory.

We went down stairs and Lucius heard some noise, sounded like someone being beaten, on the other side of the door at the end of the stairs. Lucius through open the door and there is BATTLE!!! We entered a barracks to see tieflings standing around watching two of their ilk pit fighting. One of the tieflings turned into a thoxal, which is a demon created from the souls of deserters and traitors. The thoxal cut the cord between the two fighters and urged them to attack us. We defeat them all and searched around the room. We found a locked room, but it was fortunate that the thoxal had the key.

Opening the door we discovered a brutalized female crusader. She had clearly been there for a very long time. Renli went in and comforted the women. Lucius and then Renli used their abilities to determine she had a strong evil aura. Lucius intimidated her and she started vomiting since she was a half succubus. Lucius stabbed her after which we decided to talk to her. She was sent here to recover one of her fallen sisters. A sister that believed herself to be a follower of Desna. Lucius had heard enough and tried to kill her. BATTLE!! She took several good hits and then disappeared to the ethereal plane and moved through a wall.

We moved into the next room and Lucius heard what sounded like chopping wood through the next door. We opened the door to find a large ogre tiefling cutting up bodies. BATTLE!! Several deadly hits and the ogre was stunned and dropped it’s cleaver. It then decided to attack me with a dead mans leg, creepy. Renli finished the Ogre with several quick cuts severing it’s leg and bringing it to the ground. From the other room we could hear chanting for “more meat” so we kicked in the door and found five tieflings sitting around a table. Renli jumped onto the table and the battle continues. We slaughtered them all and a demon dog, grimslake, came from another room to join the fray. There turned out to be two of the beasts and they had a nasty bite and tail that sucked the marrow from your bones. They too met their end.

We entered the courtyard and it had been defiled and filled with banners and trophies made from the flesh and bones of beasts and men. We decided to turn to the side door, which Renli and Lucius had to break open. There before us was a massive thrown room with a desiccated human body sitting on the thrown. Standing behind the thrown was a massive twenty five foot bronze statue of Chyrnobal. More importantly there was a vroc with four thoxals standing in front of the thrown. When the door opened the thoxals charged and there was BATTLE!!! With some difficulty we brought down Konneshka, leader of the citadel guards, and her demonic soldiers.

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