The Wrath of the Righteous


Discord, Heresy, … Treason.

The Sword of Valor Session II

Arrive back in the ruins of Kenabres.

3 days have passed.

Queens army has arrived.

We are found by some soldiers, and brought to the queens camp where we meet with Erebith.

Despite the fall of the wardstones Erebith is pleased by our sucess, and informs us the queen is as well and will meet with us tommorrow, in a honor ceremony.

We see the Tieflings from Neathholme, under armed guard and detained and enquire there fate. Erebith tells us they will be put to death.

spend the night finishing my written report of everything that happened.

Track down some of the other Witch Hunters, leadership is completely destroyed, none know whats to be done.

In the morning we see signs that the army is going on the move. Camp is being broken down. Our ceremony is cancelled, but we are still to meet the queen.

Meet with the queen, given medals (that cast protection from evil, woot). 5th crusade starts now. Wardstones have been a crutch, with this opening…we will win. We will win in the field. Queen informs us of large enemy movement heading back to capital. Must depart at once with army.

We are her weapons now, and she will use us. She informs us that the Sword of Valor, her banner, Iomedae’s banner, is a fake. The original is said to have incredible magic properties. That an army bearing it can not be defeated.

It was lost when Drezden fell with treachery. We are to take a small group of men, 100 soldiers, and go there. Reclaim her banner, and bring it back. She suspects most of Drezden’s inhabitants are marching against the capital.

Still it is a mission deep within enemy territory. A Suicide mission. Lucius preens.

Renli enquires as to the Tieflings. The Queen, with regret, says they must be put to death. That is the law. Tieflings are evil.

Lucius, remembering his words with Lan, asks the queen if they are to die, perhaps they can do so in use to the crusade. Let us take them to Drezden. They likely will die, but they can die as “free men” and no one needs to know of the exception.

She ponders this for a momment, but is not convinced.

Renli starts reciting his code of conduct as a paladin. Lucius cringes with disbelief and tries to stop him.

The queen has been a paladin of Iomedae for over 100 years. She was a paladin before Iomedae was a god, and been with her ever since. She wrote the code! She understands it better than anyone, and communes with Iomedae daily. She is her Mortal Herald! The most powerful and most respected Iomedaen on Golarion.

Iomedae has many aspects. Valor, Honor, Justice, and also Rulership. We must respect the queens authority and her wisdom. Its her divine mandate. Sometimes decisions are hard, there are no clear answers. But she remembers the 2nd and 3rd crusade. She knows the devestation tieflings, the tainted, can cause. She must protect all, not just small few.

Besides can we really vouch for those tieflings. Sure, we can trust Lan, his devotion to Iomedae, through the fire has become true. But the others. We do not know these people. In our brief interlude with them, we had to kill many cultists of baphomet. Tieflings are evil. And even those who aren’t, live a tainted life. They can not be trusted.

The queen rightly gets pissed off at Renli’s disrespect and disobedience. But she seems to rather keep her “weapon.” She agrees the tieflings can go with us. And if the taint of the worldwound causes them to fail..causes us to fail…then the world may very well be damned.

As we leave, Lucius reprimands Renli for his lack of tact. But Renli says hes had enough of Lucius. Disobedient halfling child! maybe Aldrick is right about halflings.

We get some supplies in order, and prepare for our trip. Then we depart. Captian Edoras is in charge. The rest of the company are made of Tieflings and those who helped us in Kenabres. Those who have felt this new hope, and want to hold on to it, and do what they can.

We discuss how best to get to Drezden from here. The worldwound is constantly shifting. Its best to use natural hard to move landmarks. We decide to use the river, and then a canyon offshoot that will take us near Drezden.

We met some NPC’s but I forgot their names

We depart, heading north to Vala’s Ford.

Our scouts notice the town has had a rough few days. The people, especially, their elder/mayor seems nervous.

When the rest of us arrive, army in tow, the elder informs us that some manner of storm demon has been attacking their town most days. And now all their warriors are gone. He wants us to escort them to Kenabres. Our mission is to important. Another in the crowd urges the Elder to be quite on some other manner.

Between Aldrick and Lucius we get to the bottom of this. What they want hidden and why. The other man is an oathbreaker. A member of the blue roosters. He is here to make sure the Elder keeps his mouth shut. It seems a company of Blue Roosters, having, abandoned their posts in kenabres, came here. Where they abducted the women folk, and have been living fat wretched lives at the expense of these people.

Well, we must leave in the morning. And instruct the elder to ready his people for the march south as well. In the meantime, as we are here we can look into his oathbreaker problem.

We find out there are about 20 of them. Along with 3 teenagers they’ve recruited from the locals. We head to their base of operations, a fairly well to do farmhouse.

Lucius affirms that the teenager’s may live. But there is only one penalty for oathbreaking, the rest must die. We attack. Tear and Artemis make short work of the guards outfront. Most of us attack the townhouse, hoping to execute their leader, and save the women hostages.

Lathander, inexplicably, decides to go to the bard, trap everyone inside, and burn it down. Because you know, sarenrae and stuff. Regrettably in the flow of combat, he moves inside the barn and is then set upon by the entire lot of the scum. He tries to escape and manages to bring down a few of the assholes, but is cut down in return.

The rest of us remind these scum of their oaths. Some of the hostages are killed in the fighting. The assholes deciding better to cut a defenseless women than try to escape. They had a sorceress with them, who tried to muck up our minds. Thankfully, or concernedly!, Aldrick is much more skilled at such feats of power.

Many of the louts run, and as we give chase, the storm picks up with violence! Demons are coming!



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