The Wrath of the Righteous

Prelude to a Siege

Prelude to a Siege

The Sword of Valor Session XVII

-Lathander shrieks, we whirl to see Zombies and scattered ghouls encircling us.
-Aldrick and Renli advise us to fall back so as not to draw attention from the city, we are scouting after all. But we will have to fight our way out.
-Arty and Aldrick reposition, Renli slaughters the ghoul on Lathander, Lucius pulls back
-Arty drops two ghouls, Aldrick drops a ghoul with spiritual weapon, Renli drops a ghoul
-Arty drops one zombie, everyone else drops two.
-All drop two except Aldrick
-Arty drops 3, Aldrick drops ghoul, Renli drops two, Lucius whiffs
-Arty withdraws, Aldrick drops one, Renli drops three, Lucius drops the last ghoul.
-We hear birds, and part of the flocks break off, Lucius notes some larger birds. Aldrick suggests we find a mausoleum
-We all fall back
-Zombies turn on the rest, Arty drops three from the edge of the mausoleum area, Aldrick and Renli catch up to Arty, Lucius draws a wand and casts retreat
-Arty drops 3, Aldrick looks for a good crypt and finds one, inscription reads his family name. Rest all withdraw.
-Arty goes to follow Aldrick and can’t find him, rest follow me, Aldrick is entranced
-Birds appear like they are coming to investigate
-Arty can’t find Aldrick, footprints end, Aldrick looks for a way into the crypt, figures it out, door slides aside, he moves into crypt. Renli catches up and looks around for Aldrick.
-Arty shouts for Aldrick and he responds, Arty moves in that direction.
-Aldrick opens the portcullis in his crypt, finds one plaque blank, and mural, examines the mural, depicting a warrior fighting off a horde of demons, sheathed in radiant light with a golden sword, stone city in the distance. Iomadae symbol, in memory of Aurelius and in honor of his sacrifice may he be welcomed by the gates of heaven. Set up as if body would have been here but it isn’t.
-Others move up
-Aldrick opens a crypt with Areodous, using Stone Shape, and is surprised at finding a body in burial shroud. May he find his peace in the afterlife.
-Birds getting closer.
-Aldrick casts detect magic, faint glow from chest, family crest with designation of rank, pentagram glowing on back then magic dissipates. Sees masonry work and not a solid slab, which is odd.
-Lucius moves to the front realizes where Aldrick might have gone.
-Birds circling hilltop with a few humanoids, black feathered winged humanoids, taloned feet with female body, harpies.
-Arty follows Lucius, as does Renli.
-Aldrick pulls the body out, then stone shapes the masonry work to reveal a lead box.
-Birds starting to spread out and search
-Lucius examines the door, notes the name. asks for St Elvis’ blessing to enter
-Renli hears speak the honor and enters, speaks honor and the door opens, we all enter
-Aldrick finds a slight imprint of a pentagram on lead box, places keyed pentagram in place, no luck, but it pricks hand and the blood triggers the lock. In the box is a small bundle wrapped in fabric.
-We walk in, one suit of armor on either side, portcullis which won’t open, Lathander unlocks, door closes behind Renli just as the birds come down, Renli lights up radiance, which is truly gleaming, and sword in relief glints brightly, as if it is really there
-Aldrick opens the package and finds a scroll, tries to pocket it stealthily but is seen by Lucius and Arty.
-Lucius challenges Aldrick, accuses him a grave robbing, Aldrick laughs it off, returns body and reshapes the tomb. Puts necklace on which is a leaders necklace
-Aldrick goes to pray, arty examines relief, which has a narrative about the trap laid and his last stand to let the people go, kept on fighting where he should rightly be dead
-Renli notices a halfling on a horse in the relief moving with the people, starts to put pieces together that this could be Elvis’ second in command.
-Sword is noted to be radiance, Aldrick claims its his and he bestowed it on Renli for use.
-Blade and lettering glow intently, claims the sword is above human laws and it was bestowed by iomadae and only her.
-We wait for the sound to cease and then a little longer and head out back to the army
-Edoras is relieved we returned, they had seen the birds moving and he was about to send a party after us
-Lucius keeps us up for the night since we are so close to Drezen
-Aldrick examines crimson red case with black caps and gold trim, extremely detailed, perhaps beyond mortal construction, one cap has pentagram, other family crest. Unable to open, pricks himself, allows him to open from crest side, feels his connection to Asmodeus being severed as he opens it. Vellum like scroll, a very legal contract, signed by Areodous. Aldrick realizes the way to possibly break a contract with Asmodeus is to retain it and then destroy it. The contract is to be able to have children as Areodous has been unsuccessful. Unable to read who he signed with.
-Lucius spies eyes in the camp while we are on watch, alerts Arty and Renli, possible large cat returning outsider
-We move, Lucius sends pickets into camp, they scream, blood demons, one comes around corner slaying a man
-Arty says you stepped around the wrong corner blood demon and slams four arrows into him. Aldrick equips and protects himself. Renli moves up, Lucius moves up and calls the camp to arms.
-Blood demons advance and do minimal damage
-Arty overcome by something, slams two more arrows home
-Aldrick steps out of tent and is immediately attacked by Nora screaming die
-Aldrick casts fire acid spell on her
-Renli and Lucius both land blows
-Arty drops a demon, pumps two more assisting Renli
-Nora attacks Aldrick, who noticed she is not in her right mind, possibly possessed
-Aldrick casts arrow of law on Nora
-Renli cuts another demon in half
-Lucius trades blows with the remaining demon
-Arty moves up and misses the last demon
-Nora attacks Aldrick
-Aldrick casts another spell but she saves
-Renli moves toward Aldrick
-Lucius trades blows with the demon
-Arty vapes the last demon
-Nora attacks
-Aldrick casts tremor blast, knocking Nora to the ground.
-Renli charges Nora and hits
-Lucius looks for the cat, found brief tracks, previous strong chaotic presence
-Arty moves up and shoots her
-She calls out to Sickenbroth to mill us, feline materializes and growls, turns to laughter, feline turns into beautiful elven woman
-sorry your friend is no longer here
-Nora is shocked and despairs, pulls out a knife and slits her throat. Aldrick notices it may have been the possessed creature killing her.
-Elven woman says to us its time that we talked.



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