The Wrath of the Righteous

Squawk Squawk Says the Vrock

Squawk Squawk Says the Vrock

The Worldwound Incursion Session V

Strength and honor to you brother. I shall miss you every day until we meet again.

Thank the Earth Mother my bloody fever finally broke. I don’t know what could have caused it but we have fought some wretched creatures these past few days and from the healing abilities of the odd fellow Lathander I seem to have been able to overcome my state. I must make sure he stays alive. He may not be much use in the fight but seems to be able to help those who are. Though he is… odd…

This day will be our last in Neetholm. Our hosts have been gracious considering the amount of harm we seem to have tracked to their door. The recent loss of their lord and large fires that claimed a few of their buildings have left a solemn tone about the day. Today was to be a grand funeral for a few of their fallen. Now there are a few more of the oddly shaped men that were lost in the recent fighting. The one called Wendug was dealt with, fallen by our ally Lan’s mighty blow. He was quite an opponent, nearing felling me in the fight. Thank the Storm Father that the “holy” little one has strength to him more than his luck. Taking the man off the balcony we were on in that manner could not have felt good to one so small. We attend the funeral pyres and say our farewells to Lan. I offer him a token of our clan, my brother’s ring. I know it a kingly gift but I felt he, being a lord now, was worry of such an honor. He refused but I understand. I will not forget my brother as some forget their kin.

To dampen the day further, it seems as if we all suffered from rather poor sleep. Horrible dreams filled my night. Images of being shot by Wendugs bow over and over again filled my mind this past night. Regardless, we travel on desiring to reach the surface as soon as we can in order to find out what has come to pass on the surface. We are guided by another of their tribe, one similar to me in her skill in guiding others. She leads us along a path to our desired exit point but we find our path blocked. It was not blocked by rock but rather the opposite. A bottomless hole around the area we believe to have been where we started our journey. We know not the fate of the ward stone but a hole this large was not formed from any small amount of demon force. Our guide takes us to what the others call the Southgate district instead. I believe me and my kin would have come in from that end of the city. I am unsure, being not overly familiar with the city.

She guides us up to the sewers, showing us a secret way into the city from the underground. It would seem these unusual men were able to enter the city and even live to a degree among the normal people in this city with more ease than the witch hunter would like to believe. Seeing him put out by this does my soul some good. He and his kind have no honor. I hope my mother was able to avoid their alleged campaign for “truth”. It seems that those who would claim to root out the evil of demons become more like them over time. I will have to see if he determines it necessary to earn my trust. He has no shortage of earning my hatred.

Finally, we breach the surface. Thank the earth mother that there are still buildings standing in this forsaken city. It seems we would have been better off to not have been enticed to support this crusade. But no, we carry our honor well and those that returned to the Earth Mother did so battling the evil we have endured for generations.

We have come up into some sort of tavern. There are large kitchens in the lower level and we move through them, seeking the surface. We know we must be quiet now. We know not what will await us on the surface. As we come up into the main level one of others points out we must be in a place called Mama’s Meat Pies. Apparently a well know tavern though some of the bones we found below certainly didn’t look like any meat I would willing partake off. Odd vermin and things seemed to fill out these “meat pies”. It seems clear that we are the only ones around. In fact, we are creating much more noise than we should be. Even talking seems to carry more than normal. The quiet is eerie, near unsettling. It is like the darkest time in the midst of night just before a raid would strike. I am tense, expecting anything.

It seems that the windows are in disrepair, or perhaps gone due to the demon attack. Renli notices some vultures outside. They seem off as many animals in the Wound are. He tries to eliminate one, missing wide with his javelin. It seems his faith in this Iomedae does not guide his hand well this day. They then decide that live food is better than whatever refuse they had been feeding upon. They set upon us. We take them as they come but they multiply as quickly as we remove them. It seems a swarm has been attracted. We know that we cannot hold out forever and as the flock grows, the noise created is not small. Suddenly, we hear their father calling. A Vrock or I’m a bloody witch hunter.


I’ll Get You Next Time and Your Little Halfling Too Muwahahahaha!!!

I alert the others and we flee back to the sewers. I am the last to drop down to the lowest level. The Halfling can see in the dark it seems so he elects to stay just below the grate in the sewer to see if the demon scum pursues us. After a long while he goes back up into the restaurant. When he returns, he notes that the demon has gone but it is certainly not safe to go that way. I offer to guide the group though they seem to not understand that I need their absolute trust for this. I am very good at my trade and only better at unmaking men. With help from those that know the city, I get us to our goal. Some famous library that this blind scholar Aravash will not stop whining about. I am not sure what he is about but it seems as good a place as any to start if it is perhaps fortified.

I guide us safely to the hidden back door that led to the city sewers. Apparently there is some sort of alarm on the door so my normal method of opening a door is decided against. It appears Lathander and this other girl we found, Anevia I think, have some skill at breaching locks. Neither succeeds at preventing the alarm from tripping however as Aravash is alerted to the door being open. We make entry to what seems to be a storage room. We tell those injured among us to stay here until we are able to scout the building and return. If we do not return they are to venture on without us. The witch hunter now seems intent on leading us up into the library. I am unsure why but he seems to think he is in charge. Clearly, he has never been in command of men.

As we enter the main level of the library, it becomes quickly clear that the demons have beaten us here as the smell of burnt wood and parchment fill our noses. We immediately notice something else amiss. There are maidens tied to pillars in what was once the grand lobby of the librarium. There is some man who has clearly gone mad who appears to be planning to kill them both. He also has one at knife point. Upon further inspection the maidens are covered in some sort of oil. His intent is clear. Somehow, the devil worshiper manages to talk him away from the one woman he has at knife point. Seeing an opening I attempt to take him down. We need to take him alive and I stumble. He gets the better of me, slashing me across the chest. The small holy one attempts a similar attack and also is unable to connect. We close on him, surrounding him and he surrenders. His name is Chaleb we find out and he starts babbling, quite loudly. The witch hunter clubs him over the head with one his own weapons saving me the opportunity to repay him for the wound. Too bad, perhaps later. We collect the women and move all into the basement. We are worried that the demons may not have departed from the library. I offer to scout the building but it seems wise to first find out what took place here. I decide to join the others in the basement, taking up the rear. We will see what can find out for the destruction here seems total. One might think this was no mere fire started by some crazed zealot.

I carry my honor and my honor is strong.
Praise and thanks to the Earth Mother. Strength and honor to the Storm Father.



I am not as well versed in code as some so if the Vrock box could be more appropriately placed near it being mentioned, I would appreciate it. Also, I don’t know if there are images of the Blackwing or Chaleb, but I would like to include those as well.

Squawk Squawk Says the Vrock
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