The Wrath of the Righteous

The Castration of Lathander Dall

The Castration of Lathander Dall

The Worldwound Incursion Session VIII


Demon Loving Bitch
Birthed Worldwound

Status: Alive
Overwhelming Threat
Do Not Engage

In the morning we discuss plans for our further infiltration of this now damned city. Vorlash’s ritual must be stopped, and for that we need information. The pathfinder lodge seems to be the ideal starting point, considering Hostila’s traitorous letter. However, the “” Blacksmith shop is also close by and we do have word from the criminal, Chaleb, that it is fortified and occupied.

Well if my memory serves me right, the proprietor was quite the fierce woman, and an asset to the crusade. She could be a valuable asset against Vorlash. Furthermore, she has survived now for several days, and perhaps she can lend her expertise in this regard, freeing us of these…deadweights.

We have a job to do. We survived the fall for a reason, her Grace saved us from instantaneous death so that we could in turn stop Vorlash’s ritual at the Wardstone. But I have no delusions, we are all dead men, and we must do what we can for the greater good before we are discovered and slain. To that end, these obnoxious civilians we seem to be gathering…serve no purpose but to burden our already diminished chance of success.

As I ponder…solutions…to this crisis, a scream cuts through the morning silence.

We rush to action, searching Gwerm’s mansion and gathering together. Its is quickly realized that the two younger librarian girls are missing. Ironic.

Gwerm’s Ballroom Piano

The first girl is discovered…weeping…under the piano in the ballroom, after being calmed by the others she yields to our questions. The other girl had gone outside, by herself, being unable to shit in our company. Damned Idiots, this is the last thing we need, another distraction and delay, this is now the 5th day since the city fell, we are running out of time!

Nevertheless, if she is still close and can be saved…I wont let any of us be taken alive by the enemy. I order the men to prepare for travel quickly while Taer and I search the ground for tracks, we signs of duress and capture, but we lose the trail on Gwerm’s carriage path. Well…if she can’t be found, she can’t be found. Taer and I head back to the mansion to ready the company for travel.

Helena however is in a crazed frenzy, and is unable to accept the situation. That without a path, we must abandon her charge and return to our quest. I’d just about had it with hysterical female’s for the morning, when she reveals that she can discern the missing woman’s location with magic.

Seriously Woman! We just wasted half the morning outside. I don’t care if your upset, get your fucking act together. The greatest power of the enemy is fear, and our inability to act rationally in face of such fear.

We follow her magical guidance and leave Gwerm’s estate. As we approach a small lake and garden park across the street we discover 8 men praying and prostrating themselves before the rising sun. With them are 3 women, in bondage. One of them, our missing librarian.

Lathander recognizes their speech and garb first and calls out to the strangers in his native tongue. One of the stranger replies with feverish devotion. I do not understand his language, but it is clear he is welcoming Lathander, allies perhaps? But then why are the women in chains.

Sarenite Paladin

Well, if this man is truly a priest of Sarenrae as he appears…such things can not be hidden from one such as I. I open myself to my Lords gifts with a prayer, and peer into this Southerner’s aura, it is strong for a human, and pure. I was expecting subterfuge considering the situation, but still Sarenrae does not see eye to eye with Iomedae in all things. Slavery is not tolerated in Mendev, and I care not for how these Southern fools treat women in their own lands, but here in Mendev such actions are unacceptable and blasphemous against my Ladies grace. I command them to stop this nonsense and hand over the girls in the name of the Inquisition, Queen Galfrey, and Iomedae herself!


In Mendev there is only one sentence for those who break the Crusader’s Oath.

They refuse, breaking their oaths in the process. They claim these virgins are gifts from Sarenrae, and will be ritually murdered to annoying their weapons with holy power.

At this, Renli, unable to stand such insubordination, runs foreward, jumping into the middle of the crowd to get to the girls, yelling out a warning that he will slay any who continue to defy us by harming these women.

At this, the Southerners attack us. Madness, all of it. The chaos of the Worldwound has truly taken Kenabres. Considering their leaders aura, only madness and the Enemies influence could lead us to this conflict. Still, there is no greater enemy than a tainted and fallen ally, these men must be put down. Better to die by the hands of your friends and allies then be allowed to commit treason of your own soul.

They are well armored and skilled, yet providence is on our side, and they are dispatched. Three flee, as we corner another against the lake. Still we are bloodied, and Lathander only lives by Renli’s fortuitous presence. I execute their defeated commander. A soldier’s death, may his recent sins and failings not outweigh his other deeds in life.

Looses his Manhood

Lathander releases the women, but as he does so, he screams out in pain as his crotch erupts in a torrent of blood. One of the women distorts and expands with sadistic laughter as she is revealed as a hideous man eating demon, an Alrune. It takes fight, as we all turn to face the true villain of today’s injustice.

This vile monster…how many innocents, how many allies have perished due to its manipulations. NO MORE!

I take aim with my crossbow and unleash a bolt. The sight of the foul demon seems to return the one sole remaining Saraenite to reason, as he joins us in battle. The demon does not but laugh, and the unleashes a nauseating cone of ejaculate from its fanged phallic appendage.

Most of us are able to find cover.


Lathander overcomes his nausea and hits the Alrune with a tanglefoot bag, knocking it out of the air. Now grounded and entangle in the sticky mass, I sate our need of vengeance with my Bastard Sword. I offer the now slain Alrune to Ragathiel, and as I perform the sacred rights the others heal and deal with the Saraenites.

Their leader, Zemiedan, has lived, and is horrified over his actions under sway of the demon. We will gladly take his aid and find a use for him and his men. But any ally with such a weak will must be watched, we will never be able to trust him completely again.

As I consider such things, Lathander, now a eunuch, approaches me. He yells at me in anger, spouting nonsense about how I attempted to slay Zemiedan in battle. Apparently I don’t have the “right” to make such decisions.

Well I put an end to that. I will not stand for such insubordination from a medic. Dealing with the Enemies influence is my job, is the charge given to my order by Queen Galfrey in the Lady’s name. I have the only right. And lacking other means to break the demons hold I would slay anyone, anyone!, than let them commit the enemies work. Better to die in battle than bring forth treason and disaster.


Lady in Shadow

Darkness, Lust, Whores, Assassins

Demon Lord

Lathander, is unable to see reason, he has become completely out of control. Considering his plait this last day, having his balls stolen by Nocticula, I go easy on him. I backhand the bastard, in an attempt to silence him, but the already injured half-elf gets knocked out cold. I manacled him, and with the others drag him back to Gwerm’s mansion so we can try to recover from our injuries.

When Lathander awakes, I instruct him very clearly that he is on his last legs, I am getting sick of his constant mutiny. It is useful having a trained medic as part of the team, but a soldier who hesitates on the battle field is aiding the enemy.


In the morning we set out for the Weaponsmith. Helena uses some magic to mask our presence as we once again venture near the market. With providence, we manage to evade the flock of tainted vultures, but as we approach the blacksmith’s shop, we hear voices.

Peering around the corner of a nearby building, we see a host of Demon-spawn, and two fiendish minotaurs. The leader of the group a red skinned long horned fiend has taken a man hostage. He demands entry and submission from the occupants of the building or he will slay the man.

At this, Lathander, hoping for a better look himself sneaks over to the edge of the building. And by sneak I mean make as much noise as all the Symphonies in Oppra combined. The red demon-spawn orders one of the minotaurs to investigate the noise. We prepare for battle.




The Castration of Lathander Dall
Bondoid Bondoid

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