The Wrath of the Righteous

The Depths of Sarkorian Heresy

The Depths of Sarkorian Heresy

The Demon’s Heresy VI & VII
4/24/16 & 5/01/16

  • We Entered the Rifts through the gateway beneath the broken mausoleum.
  • Rifts very disorientating/sickening
  • Saw spider webbing/cracks, the rifts are in danger of breaking, and letting in the abyss
  • Evidence of travel, coming the same way, probably carrying something heavy.
  • After an indeterminate time, that felt like days, we reached a larger chamber inside the rifts.
  • Transparent glass effect in the middle of room, was “door”, back to the material plane, that had been shut.
  • Riftwarden opens the door for us, and we exit the rifts into the middle of stonehenge like scene,
  • Center of stone circle, is large stone sarcophagus
  • 8 wights stand guard around the circle
  • They attack
  • stag/headed druid /undead creature thing chained to one of the stone archs. Creates windwall and entangled area.
  • We kill ghasts
  • Artemis almost gets turned into a werewolf,
  • Stone arch with druid protected from living creatures
  • Aldrick uses stoneshape to collapse stone arch with druid, and sets his spiritual weapon on him
  • Artemis and Lucius smack the druid around, Lucius sets him on fire
  • Druid escapes back into stone, melding with it somehow
  • Aldrick opens sarcophagus, misdirects us to his actions and then spears the vampire’s corpse with his soul stealing dagger.



Bondoid CoreyLynch

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