The Wrath of the Righteous

The Devil and the Demon Few

The Devil and the Demon Few

The Sword of Valor Session XVIII

We Talk to Jerebith
She is a beautiful women, but actually a Demon
Was/is Xanthor’s Main Squeeze
Is affiliated with Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth and Baphomet
Looks down upon Tempars, why we do not know
Offers us information in return for allowing her to speak to Staunton Vhane after we capture him
Aldrick lies, and agrees to her terms.
She tells us of a secret passageway beneath the cathedral at paradise hill that leads directly into drezen’s keep
Guarded by one of aponavicious’s pets, but few others know about it
We try to attack her/capture her, but Lucius’s spell fails and she leaves.

Aldrick steals the soul of the dieing Nora.
Which promps Tear to kill him with a mighty blow of his hammer.
The rest of us spring into action. Renli brings Aldrick back by touching him.
Aldrick tries to turn crowd against Teer, tieflings go nuts.
Lucius arrests Tear and Aldrick (manacles go on tear he’s scary) Destroys soul crystal to release nora
Renli and Lan are able to calm tieflings.
Edoras, incompetent idiot, lets them both go without punishment.

We decide to go with the plan of pretending to be slavers to get a small force into paradise hill. make opening for rest of army
to better pretend to be slavers aldrick speaks with dead to the soul of Baron Issen
Just as pompous, arrogant, and sly as we remember.
We find out his slaving venture was associated with Jecumbah (Black Market women)
Tells us that Paradise hill;s leader is a brimrock named Nagaroth, and he tells us generally of paradise hills defensive layout.
Getting in is going to be hard, so Aldrick steals Baron Issens face (permanently) with a horribly wrong spell. We take some of our Tieflings with us, and between my fiendish nature, aldricks smoothness, and Tears ridiculously large guns we get in no problem.

They take us to Nagaroth who is a small flame demon with a napoleon complex. He has a bunch of schir demons as guards. We leave the rest of our men at the gates.
Aldrick and Nagaroth chat for a small moment, Before Aldrick, making an amusing pun out of Nagaroth saying he is confused…casts confusion on everyone.
We learn from the conversation that they were looking for a halfling named Renli in particular. And that Vorlash was the one to put the price on his head.
Between Aldricks mighty spells, Lucious intimidating lawful presence nauseating most of the demons and the rest of the groups martial might, we cut through the leader of Paradise Hill and his guards.
Some of the Schir demons had attempted to summon aid.But failed, but they did open a rift that lucius had to close.
As we were finishing up the demons, the Tiefling slavers who made paradise hill their home arrived. We killed them indiscriminately as we fell back to the wall/gate.
We arrive just in the nick of time, our men are vastly outnumbered.



Bondoid CoreyLynch

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