The Wrath of the Righteous


The Masked Heresy
The Curse of Evil Step Parents

The Demon’s Heresy Session XX

  • Aldrick used a magic circle to imprison Jerabith
  • We brought the remainder of Aldrick’s step dad’s household to justice.
  • Aldrick coerced his step father into signing his life into slavery
  • Peir Henning showed up and spoke with Aldrick
  • Lathander stuck outside reading contract
  • Peir Henning actually Asmodeous’s Herald, Basileus
  • Gives Aldrick a crystal the demons have been mining and using, that is supposedly the petrified blood of a god
  • Gives us a tool to teleport us back to Mendev
  • Makes Aldrick agree to continue gaining the queens trust and eventually manipulated her to leave Cheliax alone
  • We take Jerabith back to Mendev, and put her in a secret questioning room for powerful demons atop the tower of silence.
  • In the absence of the inquisition, the queen orders us to question Jerabith
  • As Lucius begins to talk to her, he has a vision, of early memories that had been forgotten.
  • Jerabith treating him and other children abominations like a mother
  • She was Xanthir Vang’s lover and assistant in his soul experimentations
  • Hulrun showed up to shut them down, battle, hulrun killed Xanthir Vang
  • Hulrun’s wife one of Vangs Experiments
  • Hulrun in grief and wishing to protect wife’s memories wished for everyone to forget the horrors that they had witnessed
  • Jerabith granted that wish deleting Vang’s location and all memories of his expertiments from the minds of mortals
  • Lucius coerces Jerabith into granting wish undoing Hulruns
  • Lucius remembers everything, realizes he is one of Vang’s experiments
  • Senses horrible demon abomination sealed within him
  • Vang was using God Crystal and pregnant women to bind demon souls and mortal souls together
  • The other experiments are alive and working for Baphomet (#2 and #7, we have encountered, #2 is probably Renli’s brother)
  • Vang located at Valley of Lost Children, but everyone forgot the locations significance.
  • Vang now serves Deskari, but before wormhood was head of the Templars of Ivory Labrength for Baphomet.
  • Lucius angered and horrified by what he has learned, goes to execute Jerabith, Renli stops him, Lucius can’t continue looking at Jerabith without slaying her, so leaves, probably for another round of prayer and self flagellation.
  • Others question Jerabith, and begin piecing everything together.
  • Bring report to queen, she orders us to kill Xanthir Vang.
  • “Hellfyre” strikes tower of silence, now looks like candle. Jerabith gone, most likely slain.
  • Lucius finds Baphomet Mask marked 1, and Heaven’s Pyre in quarters. In a fit of rage, Lucius smashes the mask until it is unrecognizable lump of bronze.



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