Chief Sull


Lord of the mogrel-man city of Neathholm, Chief Sull was a devote follower of Iomedae, and has done his best to keep his people’s Faith strong amid the difficulties they’ve endured with their up-world kin.

Believing the Heroes to be the long awaited sign from Iomedea, he offered a deal. If the Heroes could defeat the mongrel-men traitors, and bring him the head of the evil priestess who led his people from the Light, then he would lead our Heroes back to the surface.

When the Heroes returned, having scattered the traitors but failing to slay the cults leader, they delivered the news that the cult was responsible for the death of the Chief’s son. Overcome with grief, Chief Sull informed the Heroes that his scouts returned with grave news of the world above. “Kenabres is dead!”, he told them, “and the life source of my city is draining away. The end of days is upon us!”. Despite his grief, and the failure of the Heroes to kill the priestess, Chief Sull agreed to led the Heroes to the surface after his son’s funeral ceremony.

Later that evening the Chief was slain by the traitor Wendaug, and his body was used as a trap to lore the heroes to a fiery death.

Chief Sull

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