Encountered in the desecrated, underground shrine to Iomedae, the Quasit Quillitch attempted to cause discord among the group by setting the Heroes upon each other.

Once defeated, and resotred to Health, the demon was subjected to an “interrogation” at the hands of the Witch Hunter Lucius to determine what the creature knew of the happenings in Kenabres. Amid the screaming and the lies, 3 interesting pieces of information were gleaned.

  • The Quasit’s master is an individual known as Faxium. The demon was sent down here to locate and desecrate the shrine.
  • The Quasit spoke of an apparent alliance between the Demon Lords Deskari & Baphomet, and hinted that they were behind the attack on Kenebres.
  • The cultists are planning something, and their plans include Kenebres’ Wardstone.


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